Kid Ginseng - Germanik Robotz Side A (on YouTube) 1999

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    Kid Ginseng - Germanik Robotz Side A (1999 Electro B-Boy Mixtape)

    KRAFTJERKZ 040 electro tape for b-boys and b-girls.
    Includes Arthur Baker interview on both sides.
    DJ Qbert - "Yo, I just heard your tape! It's real nice with all the old school hard to find electro boogie shit I love so much! Dope shit. Nice skratching, original concepts, and I can't wait for your next project!" summer year 2000 sold by Turntablelab and Fat Beats nyc.

    full digital download is name-your-price here: … obotz-1999

    all Kid Ginseng digital tapes are name-your-price on kraftjerkz bandcamp.

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    -r KG

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    "I program my home computer/beam myself into the future."

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