VA Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 5 // KRAFTJERKZ 055

  • Various Artists - Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 5

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    The Kraftjerkz compilation series Machine Funk is our Game is back with another installment. Volume 5 features some long-time players like Alonzo and DJ Di’jital, while also introducing some new names to the Kraftjerkz roster as well. Alonzo starts the comp strong with a hyper catchy, growling cut that derives its fuel from a low, moody synth line that expands like a monster coming out of the murky abyss. High-pitched, zany synth rhythm keeps everything in balance, though, and the looping melody on this track is so solid that you can endlessly ride it. Konerytmi’s track, “Replikantti” is an electro cut whose tight, truncated percussive elements and warp-speed synth arpeggiation creates both the melody and the rhythm, keeping us hooked from start to finish. The EP turns a bit with the next track, “TicTac” by Zarcon, that begins with a UFO-infused vocal, before squelchy acid melody and speedy, twinkling synth takes over. DJ Di’jital’s track, like all of the tracks he releases on Kraftjerkz, is a quality standout, and its name says it all. “Jit it Up” delivers a hefty dose of Detroit-style jit / footwork, with its driving electro beat and laser-quick synth that seems to touch 150 BPM territory. What follows is the vocoder-laced cut from Cybereign, “Breathing Apparatus,” remixed by Mr. Kraftjerkz himself, Kid Ginseng. Finally, just when we think we’ve maxxed out our senses, the EP ends on the super weird, super original track, “Shaftwerk” from Bart Karlos. It’s a no-holds-barred banger meant to work the body. Bottom line: there’s really no filler on Machine Funk is Our Game, Vol 5. It might even be the best installment of the compilation series yet. In terms of quality, this is electro at its finest, and any of these six tracks would enhance any late-night set.

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