Displaced Paranormals ft. Dubtek/DBR UK [CTRL+ALT+DEL Audio]

  • Displaced Paranormals ft. Dubtek/DBR UK [CTRL+ALT+DEL Audio]

    Ctrl+Alt+Del Audio: CTRL003
    Disinformation Brief 0413 (DIB0413)
    Node: >1102 Kernal: .075
    Cast: 29Hz
    Source: Displaced Paranormals, Dubtek, DBR UK
    Dual Signal Path: Inorganic / Kyro

    Source 1: Displaced Paranormals, Dubtek “Inorganic”
    This one serves as a warning for the system we all have found ourselves in as of late.
    The message is there, but you will have to listen to hear it.
    Behind the message is a stripped back stepper full of pulsing and evolving sub bass, squelching and twitching synth stabs, and swirling FX’s.
    Be sure to heed the message and stay alert!

    Source 2: Displaced Paranormals, DBR UK “Kyro”
    When using your local café’s wifi to hack into your ex’s bank account, you need to have the appropriate soundtrack, and this is it.
    Smooth keys and a female vocalist over a crisp break get this one underway.
    From there, distorted pluck synth bass moves in and out between distorted midrange stabs all while weaving into the deep structure and tone created from the keys and vocals.

    01 / Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek - Inorganic
    02 / Displaced Paranormals & DBR UK - Kyro

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