VA – Estado De Golpe II (Sonidos Subterraneos)

  • ESTADO DE GOLPE Born as a result of the abuse by the state of the Colombian people

    In this second part we have the pleasure of bringing together artists from all over the world who through music reject all forms of abuse

    The funds will be used for social work.

    Estado De Golpe ll, by Various Artists
    12 track album

    1 Couronne De Merde – The life he'll never have (for Dilan Cruz Medina and the others)

    2 Stas Zavyalov – Think Yourself

    3 Jauzas The Shining – Kubrick

    4 Ex.Hale – Mess

    5 Ramtarr – Contradiction

    6 Kutkh Jackdaw – A Warrior's Song Before The Flesh Is Eaten

    7 Abby Knives – Energy Collapse

    8 Lethal Frame – Milestone (Original Mix)

    9 MANASYt – Clandestine (live)

    10 BÜG – Maquina Latina

    11 saffam – mr. ZIPAN, the candy man

    12 Ruksby – Attention

    Sonidos Subterraneos
    Medellin based label of electronic music --------------------------------------------------------------------- <<Podcast <<Premieres

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