Artificial Arm - Emotional Machines (Catalogue 2001​-​21) Dominance Electricity

  • Dominance Electricity presents:


    Emotional Electrofunk! British Electro wizard Artificial Arm presents his decade spanning back catalogue of smoothly crafted productions in form of a full-length album. The eighteen melodic machine funk gems on Emotional Machines (Catalogue 2001-21) include the remastered EP releases Armtronic Action and Rumble Punk originally on Orson Records, songs featured on various artist projects by labels like Electro Avenue, Dominance Electricity and Street Sounds Nu Electro as well as five new and previously unreleased jams. Welcome to Planet Funk!


    01. Welcome to Planet Funk
    02. Armtronic Action
    03. Space is the Place*
    04. Emotional Computer
    05. 1983
    06. You are Listening to an Elecronic Jam
    07. Get Down (to the Sound)
    08. Size Matters*
    09. Automatic Worm
    10. Rights for Robots*
    11. You've been Messing with my Mind
    12. Go Back in Time
    13. Rumble Punk
    14. Sequencers and Strange Toys
    15. The Spy Theory
    16. Leo
    17. Emotional Machines*
    18. The Last Song*

    *previously unreleased

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