Dystatik - Various Artists III (Greece)

  • Dystatik is pleased to present the third Various Artists compilation III featuring some of the most upcoming artists of the underground music scene, mixing Electronic Body Music with Electro elements and dark atmospheres.

    releases August 22, 2022

    Mastered by MVQX

    Artwork by Dry_Feel

    Dystatik - Various Artists III, by DYSTATIK
    12 track album

    1. R Gamble - Shallows

    2. Mickey Dagger - Wild Crime Spree

    3. Amusment Machine - Guillotine

    4. Saffam - Ma Nyshtana

    5. Sanyanameste - Mass Xpulsion

    6. Nasdrowie - Cold Storage

    7. Mova - Diversion III

    8. Arpatronic - Voices

    9. Termination_800 - Analizing

    10. MANASYt - More Meat

    11. Dry Feel - Ωmega

    12. Ofelia Ortodoxa - Memory For Sinners

  • "More Meat" premiere and review on WhiteLight//WhiteHeat!

    WL//WH Premiere: MANASYt “More Meat” [DYSTATIK Various/Artists III]
    WL//WH Premiere  MANASYt  DYSTATIK https://soundcloud.com/fabrizio-lusso/wlwh-premiere-manasyt-more-meat-dystatik-variousartists-iii Greek DIY label DYSTATIK,…

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