Phrulex - Androids

  • New electro album is out


    Androids (radio edit) 3:13

    Combinatorial Explosion (radio edit) 3:38

    Ghost in the Machine (radio edit) 3:06

    Erratic Operation (radio edit) 3:16

    Binary System (radio edit) 3:19

    Androids 5:38

    Combinatorial Explosion 6:38

    Ghost in the Machine 4:54

    Erratic Operation 6:13

    Binary System 5:33

    Androids (machine mix) 5:45

    Combinatorial Explosion (math mix) 7:30

    Ghost in the Machine (haunted mix) 7:10

    Erratic Operation (error mix) 8:44

    Binary System (1111 mix) 5:56

    Phrulex - Androids

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