Negocius Man - Parallel Universe (MR024) Microm Records

  • Hello everyone!!! Here we go agin!!! Out Now!!!




    Very proud to present this work of six special tracks recorded between 2019-2022, a project full of experimentation in different fields rescuing a remix of Malfu_ction (N.E.G.O.) 2018.

    Enjoy and listen to it several times, we continue fighting and growing.


    Muy orgulloso de presentar este trabajo de seis tracks especiales grabados entre 2019-2022 un proyecto cargado de experimentación en diferentes terrenos rescatando un remix de Malfu_ction (N.E.G.O.) 2018.

    Disfruta y escúchalo varias veces, seguimos luchando y creciendo.

    Written & Produced by Negocius Man

    Mastering by Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering

    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    released October 6, 2022


    all rights reserved :headspin:

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