Kid Ginseng feat. Questosahn - Chrome Belt Buckle // KRAFTJERKZ 069

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    Kid Ginseng feat. Questosahn - Chrome Belt Buckle

    Chrome Belt Buckle, by Kid Ginseng feat. Questosahn
    2 track album


    Kid Ginseng and Questosahn are back again proving they are in fact, "Elektro Brotherz!" The combination of Ginseng's punchy rhythm track and Questosahn's air-tight turntable manipulations should appeal to fans of mid-1980s electro turntablist pioneers, Knights of the Turntables. Enjoy Ginseng's hard machine funk production and Quest's highly musical scratching! The two are true craftsman who have raised the bar for their new plateau.

    Kid Ginseng Spotify:

    DJ Quest-Questosahn Spotify:

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