[VAL] WE FORFEIT w/ Drvg Cvltvre Live @ Killing Time (25/03/23)

  • 25/03/23 - 18.00– 03.30

    WE FORFEIT Presents...


    We Forfeit present @ Killing Time (Valencia)
    Drvg Cvltvre (Live) + We Forfeit + Rubén Rodrigo + Slokto + David Verdeguer

    Another night of debauchery and devilment in Killing Time.

    For the return we've managed to secure an artist who has been at the forefront of electronic music for more than twenty years: Drvg Cvltvre.

    Drvg Cvltvre, Ra-X, Vincent Koreman. An example of the monikers this central figure of the West Coast scene has assumed. Bunker, Shipwrec, Viewlexx. A sample of the labels he has released on. Angelmaker, New York Haunted, Vatican Analogue. Some of the imprints he has founded. In summary, a pillar of electronic music and an artist we are delighted to have with us playing live.

    WE FORFEIT will be sharing the cabin with a top selection of Djs including Rubén Rodrigo (La Carbonera), Slokto (Syntax) and David Verdeguer of HC Records and Killing Time fame.

    Killing Time, Carrer del Dr. Sumsi, 21, 46005 València

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