Andrew Red Hand - Groove Magazin Mix & Interview

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    '' The Romanian city of Iași and Detroit are around 8.000 kilometers apart, but Andrew Red Hand will let you travel from one to the other within a few cozy minutes. Ever since his debut EP Iași to Detroit came out on Twilight 76, in 2009, the producer and DJ has made a name for himself with a sharp sound that takes its cues from Detroit electro and techno while breathing new life into old formulas. Having been inactive as a producer, he has big plans for 2023, including a new EP for Rawax. His mix for our Groove Podcast

    does not hold back: you’re in for a rough two-hour ride. '' Interview >…ve-podcast-369/


    ARH - M>O>S Recordings / Lobster Theremin / Chiwax / 10 Pills Mate / Matrix Records / Twilight 76 / Detroit Underground / Databass / Detroit Techno Militia / Cratesavers Intl / Bass Agenda ... # Soundcloud # Facebook # Bandcamp # Discogs

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