Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 6 // KRAFTJERKZ 068 // shipping now!

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    Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 6, by Various Artists
    5 track album

    Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 6 // vinyl/digital shipping now! //


    Kraftjerkz solidifies itself as america's east coast electro label with the 6th volume of the popular series. Brooklyn's ALONZO gets the party started with a bass-heavy track which picks up where Pretty Tony left off. Daniel Savio's contribution is perfect for street dance or cruising the highway. Deroboter comes with a hard, distorted kraftwerkian production. Kid Ginseng delivers an electro/scratch song featuring Questosahn reminiscent of Knights of the Turntables. Finally, the UK's Cybereign concludes with a passionate, melodic banger that blends nicely with a technobass record. The boom is here to stay!

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    Various Artists - Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 6(LP) - CLONE.NL
    The Kraftjerkz compilation series Machine Funk is our Game is back with another installment. Volume 6 features Alonso, Daniel Savio. Deroboter, Kid Ginseng and…

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