Please help me identify this track

  • This one, maybe, The Metric Brothers - Flight To Electro Empire ?

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    Various - Theme Of Electro Empire
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  • Thanks. Sadly that's not it.

    I lost my mp3s of Electro Empire and Baptize The Beat The Remixes when a hard drive died a long time ago. I sill have the vinyls. As far as I can remember the track, in which a female speaks about someone thinking they could fly, was in a "bonus" folder.

    Thanks again.

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    Would anyone mind if I asked my question again in the Electro Lounge section of the forum?


    Hi, I moved the thread into the Lounge section.

    Do you remember any of the exact words? Did it sound like a movie sample, or more like made for the song?

    The bonus tracks on the Electro Empire theme release are on same level as the 'normal' tracks extra folder I mean.

    Not sure if the "Baptize The Beat" picture disc came with a CD with the files and a bonus folder, but one of the other releases on the Electro Avenue label (the "Galactic Funk - Constellations" compilation) did.…actic-Funk-Constellations

  • Thanks, elektroakust.

    I don't have Galactic Funk Constellations. I'll check it out, though, thanks.

    I've been racking my brain trying to remember the words. Something along the lines of "I remember a time when you thought you could fly". There were more words, and they repeated throughout. I guess they were sampled ie not recorded for the track.

    Probably not much help!

    Thanks again.

  • Sorry, probably should've mentioned, the track, in which a female says something like "I remember a time when you thought you could fly", was not an old eg 1980s track. It was definitely a new track.

  • Just spent another hour or so trying to find this elusive track.

    When I bought both Electro Empire and Baptize The Beat The Remixes I was sent links to the mp3s. I must've been, as I haven't owned a record / vinyl player since I was a kid (I'm not a kid anymore!) The more I think of it, the more I think one of the downloads included a bonus folder, and in this was the track I've been looking for.

    The track was slow ish, and not old school. A female spoke lines which repeated thoughout. One of them was something like "I remember a time when you thought you could fly".

    Really hope this rings a bell with someone.

    Thanks for reading.

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