Drakkar Noir - Means of Control (aka R.Gamble) [FU.ME] cassette

  • Available for preorder. Out on June 12

    Means of Control, by Drakkar Noir
    11 track album

    DRAKKAR NOIR – Means of Control

    This is a soundtrack to imaginary nightime streetscapes in a world that resembles our own.

    Crumbling asphalt slick with oil and grease reflects the woozy glow of late night bodegas in acrid pink, yellow and green.

    Drakkar Noir is a feceless figure who inhabits this world, an alias shamelessly lifted from a sleazy and long out-of-fashion scent, a brand name derived from a mashup of mythical pretensions and hollow advertising jargon. Part Human and part digital fiction, Drakkar Noir is, like the city itself, a shapeshifter who feeds and is fed by the collective dreams and nightmares floating above the buildings and into smoke-filled skies.

    Side A

    A1_All Fours


    A3_Fax of Doom



    A6_The Way Out (Digital Bonus Track)

    Side B :

    B1_Clutchu (Katatonic Silentio Rmx)

    B2_Calibrator (Marco Segato Rmx)

    B3_Clutchu (Moken Rmx)

    B4_Calibrator (Bakunin Commando Rmx)

    B5_All Fours (MANASYt's Oxycution Mix)

    Written by : Richard Gamble.

    Artwork: Baba IAga

    Cat: FU.ME XIX

    Limited Cassette to 30 items.

  • Premiere of my remix on Public House:

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