LIES records NTS Kid Ginseng podcast

  • Hello friends and freakz,

    something I am really happy to share:

    L.I.E.S. Records podcast aired 6/25 on NTS Radio w/Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz)/Chris Low (UpYours!Tokyo Punk)

    I spent weeks preparing this mix. I hope you like! :)-r KG…-25th-june-2023

    Full track list for my set! //

    Two Live Crew - What I Like (scratch version) (Fresh Beat)
    Ole Mic Odd/ALONZO - Smoke Break (Zement)
    Kid Ginseng - Haunted Park Jam (Kraftjerkz)
    Kid Ginseng - Chrome Belt Buckle (ft. Questosahn) (Kraftjerkz)
    Cem3340 - East 7 Miles (Rotterhague)
    DJ Technician - It’s Nokoman (Rotterhague)
    Karl Bartos - Rhythmus (Bureau B)
    Seer - Freak Machine (Detour)
    DJ Di’jital - Alien II (Di’jital Axcess)
    Kid Ginseng - Keep Your Distance (Kraftjerkz)
    Ole Mic Odd - Freak 2 Freak (Kid Ginseng Remix) (Kraftjerkz)
    DJ Unisex - All I Do Is Program (Self Learning System)
    Friedrich Ernst - Class Beat (Self Learning System)
    Luke Eargoggle - Electric Avenue (Brokntoys)
    DJ Overdose - B1 (Lunar Oribiter Program)
    Spesimen - P.S.I.O. (Frustrated Funk)
    Innershades - Acid Rehearsal (Creme/LIES)
    Pointsman - Dirty Shirt (Serotonin) // please support all my electro cousins! // thank you Ron for being one of the realest on earth!

    thanks for checking.

    :)-r KG :headspin: :blaster:

    "I program my home computer/beam myself into the future."

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