[VAL] WE FORFEIT w/ Snuffo LIVE @ Killing Time (15/07/23)

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    We Forfeit @ Killing Time (Valencia)
    Snuffo (Live) + Robo + David Verdeguer + Iupacc + Pilan

    Summer sunshine and slahser synth action in Killing Time.

    For the third party we've called on the killer talents of a seriosly talented artist :: Snuffo.

    Snuffo, Snuff Crew, Kat Channel. Some of the monikers and groups this musician has called home.

    Benedikt Schmidt hails from Germany and calls Spain home. Other homes have inclueded imprints like n the Dark Again, I Love Acid, Killekill, Schrödinger's Box, and Snuff Traxx. Although his soul is acid dipped, expect everything from electro, house and techno to coil their ways around his unique live set.

    Robo will be sharing the cabin with a top selection of Djs including Iupacc (Syntax), Pilan (Unitat) and David Verdeguer of HC Records and Killing Time fame.

    18.30 Interview with Robo (We Forfeit)

    20.00 Food!

    20.30 Music!

    Killing Time, Carrer del Dr. Sumsi, 21, 46005 València

    I'll post the live video links on here later too.

  • Interview with SNUFFO right now

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