Andrew Red Hand - Khidi Podcast 2023

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    '' 108th guest of KHIDI’s podcast series is Romanian DJ and producer Andrew Red Hand.

    From his early gigs throwing parties as one of the first generation DJs in Iași since 1997, Andrew Red Hand continues to break boundaries as part of the Romanian resistance scene and numerous time portals as they open around Europe. ''

    Andrew Red Hand
    21 May Bucharest.18 June Montenegro,2 July Oslo. Looking for a booking agency :) Bookings, Remix etc M>O>S Recordings / Lobster…


    ARH - M>O>S Recordings / Lobster Theremin / Chiwax / 10 Pills Mate / Matrix Records / Twilight 76 / Detroit Underground / Databass / Detroit Techno Militia / Cratesavers Intl / Bass Agenda ... # Soundcloud # Facebook # Bandcamp # Discogs

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