Negocius Man - ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN (MR031) [Microm Records]

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    Hello friends of Microm ! Pre-order ready !

    Negocius Man Launches "ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN"

    Negocius Man, the electronic music producer, is ready to release his long-awaited "ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN", on October 5 (Today), 2023 in Pre-Order.

    This project is the continuation of their album "DREAMSCAPE", and promises to take listeners on a unique sound journey through strength, rebellion.

    During the illegal lockdown that occurred in March 2020, Negocius Man decided to power up his Ensoniq EPS16+ and other machines, along with some pieces of software, with the goal of creating a new sonic future. The result is an authentic Detroit sound from the 90s updated but with the tools and certain technical limitations that marked that era.

    "ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN" is characterized by its dirty and fast sounds, designed to reach directly to the nervous system of the listeners.

    Negocius Man's music evokes the tension and energy of graffiti nights and dark times. This album is a reminder that, regardless of the means of production or place of origin, music is a force that transcends borders and cultures, uniting people from around the world.

    The official launch date will be November 30.

    Get your copy.

    Enjoy! :headspin:

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