EE-008: WILL WEB - Boomin' (Electro Empire Records) 12" vinyl ...1996 Detroit classic remastered!

  • Electro Empire presents

    WILL WEB - BOOMIN' [Electro Empire 008]

    Detroit Electro Bass classic! Boomin‘ originally appeared on Will Web‘s second EP release, Extraterrestrial Phunk, on the legendary Detroit label Direct Beat in 1996. It was also featured in Dave Clarke‘s seminal 1998 Electro Boogie mix release.

    This long-overdue rerelease includes the remastered Original Mix, as well as two previously unreleased versions – Alt Mix and Bonus Beats.

    Available now on Electro Empire, sub-label to Germany‘s Dominance Electricity, in digital formats, as well as a limited edition black and red 12-inch vinyl.

    A. Boomin‘ (Original Mix) 4:54
    B1. Boomin‘ (Alt Mix) 4:12
    B2. Boomin‘ (Bonus Beats) 2:24



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