Magda Rot - Soft Metallics (Return To Disorder) 12"

  • Magda Rot - Soft Metallics (Return To Disorder)

    12" vinyl EP

    A1. Triads
    A2. Black Sense
    B1. Coincidences
    B2. Unusual Theory

    Check it out at:

    Chilean artist Magda Rot makes a head-turning debut here with some ice-cold electro rhythms on the Return To Disorder label which is now fast approaching a quarter century of releases. There is no messing with these sounds - they're built on tight, kinetic rhythms with fierce sound designs and stark futurism. 'Triads' is a mix of crisp hits and gurgling synths with dramatic background chords. 'Black Sense' is a slamming cut with a twisted bassline and hammering drum funk and 'Coincidences' brings the chilliness with its frosted lines and cold waves of synth. 'Unusual Theory' shuts down with a far sighted sense of electro-techno doom.

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