drøn - Numerator (Science Cult) 2x12''

  • drøn - Numerator (Science Cult)

    2x12" yellow vinyl album, limited edition

    A1. All That We Have Found So Far
    A2. Tektite
    A3. Brim
    B1. Tase
    B2. Hunting
    B3. Isochrone
    C1. Troid
    C2. Numerator
    C3. Reactance
    D1. Noon
    D2. Lancet
    D3. Shimmy
    D4. Perihelion

    Legendary German IDM trio drøn appear on Science Cult with a stunning 2x12 album full of previously never before heard of IDM~Electro gems spanning over 20 years.

    Check it out at: https://www.saveoursounds.net/en/electro/scv11.html

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