Microm Samples 001 by Negocius Man

  • Microm Samples 001, by Negocius Man, Microm Studio, 2021
    108 track album

    Hello friends of Electro Empire.

    think few know about this release and I have decided to share it for whoever finds it useful, these are sounds designed in 2021 to make electro, although you can create other styles from them.

    Without a doubt, the entire creation process was hard work, and I don't know if there will ever be a second part haha.

    Take good care of yourselves and enjoy, thank you for your time.


    Electro sounds / Electro samples by Negocius Man / Sound Desing at Microm Studio.

    108 Special samples for you sampler or Daw in format Wav, free use.

    (Kicks, Drums, Claps, Snares, Pads, Leads, Fx, FM, Bleeps, Zaps, Atmos, Keys, Arps, Robotics & Experimental sounds)

    Sample Rate: 48 khz/ 24 Bits

    Pic by Natalia Del Amo

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