Various - BORGTRONIX (Borg Recordings) CD

  • Various - Borgtronix (Borg Recordings) 2024

    CDr (factory-duplicated, with thermal gloss print) in card sleeve. Plus extra label logo sticker.

    01. Bless the Marcc - DNCO
    02. DJ Sonic - Tripods
    03. Electric September - Possessed by Volca
    04. Funkyastic feat. Dj Kobex - Electrofreakz around the globe
    05. D-Omen - Conall
    06. Enigmatic Astronaut - Into the chip
    07. Bassmaniac - Void of the Night
    08. TECHcontrol - The Affinity
    09. Broken Joe - Mother of shadows
    10. FeeK - Additive
    11. FunkyasTekk feat. Scratchmoney - The bass drop shop
    12. Nachtwald - Lonely one
    13. X-Truder - Broken communications
    14. The Funk Tron Crew - Kosmatic
    15. DiCrYLiuM - Where we are
    16. Skyborg - Age of the machines

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    Borgtronix, by Various Artists
    1 track album

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