Mygu - Limits (MR036) [Microm Records]

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    Our second artist of the Open call is here !!!! MYGU

    An electro music enthusiast hailing from Ghent, Belgium, has been immersed in music production since his high school years. For nearly a decade, he has shared his passion for DJing with friends and at select public parties. Despite his love for the craft, Mygu has always had doubts about taking his music to the next level and about the direction he should pursue. Although genres like House and Techno have crossed his mind, Electro has consistently captured his attention from the very beginning.

    Now, as he contemplates taking a step towards greater professionalism, Mygu faces the challenge of revealing more of himself to a broader audience. For him, the essence of his journey is clear: it is the music that truly matters.

    With the determination to advance professionally, Mygu is ready to share his passion and talent with the world, letting his electro beats speak for him.

    Written & Produced by Mygu
    Master by Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering
    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo


    Nego & Natiux
    Microm Team

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