• Quote from BHOSE

    anyone from Bedford (where's that???) does not deserve props either

    late 80's new jack bandwagon jumpin backpacker rap ejit

    The original Numarx version was good, also the Mastermind remix of the original, the Dupont arranged fuck-up made the Numarx version unplayable.... I mean look at him?? What a nob... anyone who's wardrobe is inspired by that lead singer of Dead or Alive does not deserve props! :P :D

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • waiting on the cd fromUndergroundHipHop.com

    wondering if this is he same outfit that have a store in Boston? Same name anyhow. Picked up a couple of represses in there once and they gave me loads of decent mix tape cds by a guy called DJ Foodstamp. They are pretty damn dope too.

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • i got it in the mail today. this is a really low quality bootleg. sound quality is awful.
    the dupont songs sound even worse than the rest - they must have been taped off the movie (it sounds like somebody held a boombox in front of a beat up tv and just pressed the record button).

    avoid this at all costs! :(

    now somebody in here wrote about another bootleg with the dupont songs in good quality? i would be curious to hear that.

  • yeah I'll co-sign what lj said it's an awful attempt at cashing in by undergroundhiphop.com

    I bought it soley for the dupont trax and they are unlistenable god dammit !

    avoid at all costs

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • I ordered also one.And I got it today.... The Dupont Tracks are definitly Fake.Record from the Movie....
    Also the Ice T Track.
    But the Radio Crew Tracks sounds ok.Not high end Quality but these are the original versions.
    Not the Versions from the Breakdance forever Bootleg.
    So I think if someone will have the original Radio Crew Tracks he can defenitly order this...
    so let see this....


    The guy wents totaly crazy with this price.I mean this is a repress...

    Neverending story...

  • when i first heard the cd today, i felt the irresistible urge to throw it in the trash.

    on second thought, maybe i'll wait a year and then sell it on ebay as "extremely rare and limited repress" for $100 or something. :ugly:

    on third thought, maybe i'll stick with the trash option.

  • Hi

    Are the Dupont and other tracks not on the Formic release, full length versions or not?

    Haven't come across anybody that's received a copy yet.


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