Level 4 - Are We On The Air? (In The Mix)

  • for me its the best 12" on that label...2x killer electro rap

    2nd best for my oppinon girl you aint no vanessa
    3rd place for me is dominant force-mc's in the world

    dont have the later Jamm City relases after 87, only heard samples, nothing special for me...not to mix up with the Jam City Label who released some great stuff in the late 80s


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  • Quote from urbanjedi;11804

    I just found a copy on discogs for 10 green queens so i hope its good otherwise ill sell it here haha.

    it is good m8, check it out, sure you'll like it


  • Just arrived today,mine is the purple pressing not the trumpet records one. The A side is good, but i thought the B side is a killer, some of the drum programming reminded me of Pumpkin - Here comes that beat in places.

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