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    it's been quite a while since we had a thread about this beauty of a song. ;D

    any idea how they got signed to fantasy records?
    seems to me that fantasy were only releasing quite high profile jazz & soul music, so it's an odd combination.
    (duke ellington, freddie hubbard, stanley turrentine, dave brubeck, ike turner, charlie mingus, cannonball adderley, albert king, ... that's an impressive roster!)
    i was even living on the same street as the fantasy office for a while ... without knowing.

  • Love this choon and i think i`m one of the few on here that does - give me this above Clear anyday.

    Remember those Fantasy T-Shirts that someone was selling on this site a few years back ? sort of dog shitbrown with the blue Fantasy logo - the dogs bollocks - always regret not buying one.

    Live from TTO studios

  • I like it, but do not prefer it above Clear...clear is the best Cybotron made IMO. (Personal taste)
    Copies wrere fetching high prices 5 years ago I remember...are prices still high for this 12" ?
    Glad I got a copy though...

  • Outstanding great track. I also like Eden and this 3070 12" on Fantasy, which is half of Cybotron. More on the New Wave edge this one. Clear is a cool track, but played out for me.

  • great track another kind of sad-ish electro number like Kosmic Light Force in a way but better even

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • sounds kinda new wave to me but still a good one, my personal favs are Clear, closely followed by Cosmic Raindance (lovin this), El Salvador and Alleys Of Your Mind.

  • Techno City is something different to all his other stuff. I personally think it's great. The price has come down recently - maybe since there was a repress? I got a dog-shit-brown fantasy T-Shirt and have worn it till it's shrunk!!

  • Quote from doctorcrack;12238

    excellent track, even its more electronic disco for me than electro funk

    it IS different, that's for sure.
    I never had the disco association, cause to me it didn't seem like a DANCE track ... even if you have the 4/4 kick drum, it still sounds relaxed and ambient.

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