Body Guard - Funkiest Beat

  • One more question..
    Did anyone know 12'' from Miami "Hits In The Groove" records
    It's called Body Guard - Funkiest Beat
    Just order this 12'' but can't find info anywhere..
    Is it electro bass rap record?



  • What ya wanna know about my song?

    I wrote and produced it in the late 80's!
    Drum beats were done on SP-1200

    Someone added the edits to my work just before release.
    It was to be like a pop/R&B hit.

    Holla with questions!


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  • Hi Tony!
    I'm order your record:))
    You made really cool electro pop song with dope miami feeling,
    and i want to post it at my blog KEFIR.
    And i'll make a reedit, "really instrumental" :)

    I hope it's okay:)

    Check my works here..

    P.S. one more question - did you involved in any production before/after that release,
    and which year exacvtly it was issued? My sleeve says: 1987 Suntown, but it can be year of sleeve pressing..


  • Hey dude you are hot! ;D It's crazy to see someone keeping that old school stuff alive like this!

    I could have used you on the remix (LOL), because your interpretation of my song is pretty cool.

    I finally came back and checked out your blogspot. I will get with you later, cuz I was working on some new stuff and may want to talk to you about that mix on a remake or something, we'll see. These days I do live R&B with my band Totall Kontroll out of South Florida, USA. My site is going through some changes, but you can see what I am doing once we go through the face-lift.
    Again, the re-mix is cool, it makes me laugh at the memories.

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