FILTHY HOUSE FOR DIRTY STOPOUTS 2 Mixed by BK & Scott Attrill - Out Now

    Mixed by BK & Scott Attrill - OUT NOW!

    Its finally here, the second instalment of FILTHY HOUSE FOR DIRTY STOPOUTS is even bigger & badder than the last. Featuring both classic Riot! & Traffic anthems as well as showcasing brand new material and remixes from the likes of Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes, BK, Yoji, Scott Attrill, Alex Kidd, The Organ Donors, Anne Savage, Kutski, Lee Haslam, Amber D, Vinylgroover & the Red Hed and many more.

    Mixed over 2 disc’s by clubland Icon’s BK and Scott Attrill (Vinylgroover), both DJ’s need little introduction after headlining events all over the world, in the past year Scott also released his debut artist album ‘Bass Junkie’ and Ben wowed fans with his project ‘The Nu Wave’, both were releases to massive critical acclaim.
    Don’t miss out, you can get your copy now direct from Riot!, Amazon, Tidy and HMV as well as all good record stores.

    You Love It You Slags!

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    Track Listings:

    Disc: 1 – BK Mix
    1. The Verdict (BK)
    2. Sticks & Stoned (BK & Lee Haslam)
    3. London Rock (BK & Ali Wilson)
    4. Twisted (Chris Hoff)
    5. Gorilla Warfare (BK & Lee Haslam)
    6. Virus (Neal Thomas)
    7. Always - Polymental remix (Amber D)
    8. Fracture (BK & Kutski)
    9. Phatt (Scott Attrill)
    10. Perfect Motion (Makki)
    11. Existence - Yoji remix (Scott Attrill)
    12. Microwave (BK & Vinylgroover)
    13. Dirtbox (Vinylgroover & BK)
    14. Sleepless nights (BK & Lisa Lashes)
    15. I Wanna (Bang Brothers)
    16. Suicide (BK & Alex Kidd)

    Disc: 2 – Scott Attrill Mix
    1. Filthy Rock Chick - Mindbender remix (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed)
    2. 28 Tracks Later - Scott Attrill remix (Future Disciple)
    3. Damage (BK & Garbo)
    4. Digital Noise (Scott Attrill AKA Vinylgroover)
    5. Sickness (Judge Jules & BK)
    6. Big Bass (Scott Attrill)
    7. Get To It (Scott Attrill)
    8. Blue Monday (Makki)
    9. Don't You Want Me (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed)
    10. Menace (Scott Attrill)
    11. Neva Seva - Vinylgroover & The Red Hed remix (Avaline)
    12. Komatose (Scott Attrill & Anne Savage)
    13. Pressure (BK)
    14. The POD - Scott Attrill remix (Anne Savage, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed)
    15. Big Fun (Vinylgroover & The Organ Donors)
    16. Just A Feeling - Organ Donors remix (BK)

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