Waldorf Blofeld and MPC5000

  • I was wondering whether anybody owns an MPC5000 and whether it is worth upgrading to from my 2000xl. I understand it has a built in synth. Does anybody know whether its ok?

    Also does know whether the Blofeld is worth getting my hands on, as I have had a few Virtual Analogue synths and non of them are all that good?


  • Hello Simon your best bet with the mpc 5000 is to ask Debonaire he has one, i used to have a 2500 but had to sell it to pay rent and bills but wouldnt hesitate getting another when ive saved some money up, as for the blofeld ive heard its not all that, im using a korg radias which is the bomb probably the best va rack ive owned and ive been through a few, it has an amazing vocoder and its usb, it also come with an editor.

  • @ dexorcist:
    I have heard the Va in the 5000 is quite so so... Nothing really special, but it does the job.

    The Waldorf Blofeld is not a Virtual Analogue Synth per se, although it shares some of the technologies inherited from the Waldorf Q, especially some Oscillator and some filter models. But you have also Wavetables and lots of other freaky stuff inside.
    Beware though, it really really sounds digital. If you are more into the analog sound of Synths, you probably won't like the Blofeld.

  • Cheers chaps, ill see what Deb says about the MPC.

    A for the synth, what im really looking for is a synth which sounds pretty out there, maybe a synth which you would use for sound effects for a sci-fi film. What i dont want is a synth with all your typical basses, leads and arpeggiators. Ill check out the Radius when i get back from traveling

    I think my friend had the Waldorf Q and it had some pretty surreal sounds in it, but he said it was a real bitch to program?

  • If you're looking for something that'll do 'weird' - sound fx etc I'd recommend getting a Nord Micromodular or something of that nature.

    Okay, you'll need a computer of some sort to create your patches and you wont get much polyphony out of it but it has lots of modulation options (LFOs/control sequencers/sample n hold/envs etc) it does virtual analog well and you can create FM/hybrid synths too, lots of potential for crazy sounds. Also with 2 ins and 2 outs on it you can use it as a standalone fx unit/send effect for your mpc too. 16 Band Vocoder on it is nice too.

    Another synth worth checking out would be the Dave Smith Evolver. http://www.davesmithinstruments.com/products/med/

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  • uhm i would save lot of cash and space ... MPC 1000 & Korg EMX

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    ELECTRO EMPIRE (the ORIGINAL one) Rmx by BassJunkie
    THE VILLAINS INC Rmx by Max Durante
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    A SCANNER DARKLY Rmx by Sinistarr (DnB Version!)

  • cheers chaps, i think i will get a 2500 as my mate has a 5000 and says its good but not really worth the price.

    ill look into the nord.... i cant see any on ebay though at the moment.

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