We Cyberites - We Are Cyberites (Album digital release.)

  • Artist: We Cyberites
    Album: We Are Cyberites
    Label: Eroded Recordings

    Description: Like the way Lord of the Rings portrays Orcs as bastardised Elves, We Cyberites are what happens when Doctor Fox goes wrong. Consisting of Jens OW, Kriskina and Bumclang McFanish, the We Cyberites plan is to make robots spread their alkaline love fluids over computers, analogue synths and Magnum PI DVD's until some pure form of Robo-bitch is capable of defenestrating stray Twatpigeons.

    We Cyberites make dance music. Laden with enough bass to cause a cow to shit itself, but carrying enough humour to remind people that it's better to dance with a smile on their face.

    We Cyberites will never change the world, but they will turn all apple trees into goatwheels, and that's enough.

    Digital release via juno: http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1417602-02.htm


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