Rob Real "ERASER" EP available this weekend on BFP

  • Hello bass friends!

    My new "Eraser" EP will be available this weekend on BFP. "Eraser" itself was described by both Jackal & Hyde as being "inspirational", and was also praised by Exzakt, Darxid, and other electro artists. With an awesome sounding vocoder and intelligent lyrics that are left open to interpretation for many possible meanings, this is one of my best works of originality. The mixdown of "Eraser" on this EP is much, MUCH more beefy than the original mixdown which appeared on the CD "Bass Frequenciez Vol. 1 mixed by J-Break" (BFP). This is a 3-track EP, and is in my opinion some of my best stuff to date. The 2nd cut is my new remix of "Contamination", a track I did last year with another artist named Lucid. The remix is very big and heavy on the bass, with crystal clear vocoder lyrics, and a lot more going on this time around. The 3rd cut is a new track of mine called "Voices in the House", and is also a good work of originality. With a more subtle vocoder in this one, but whispers that give you the creeps, and a big epic creepy melody in the middle of the song. All 3 of these tracks are good club tracks with big bottom badda-bing badda-BOOM!

    Clips of the tracks have been uploaded to my myspace, Feel free to check them out, and hopefully pick up the release when it comes out this Friday on BFP!

    Thanks bass friends!

    Rob Real
    Nu Illusion

  • Quote from elektroakust.;18895

    i like the "Eraser" track ..nice vocoder! :cylon:

    Heard it on last weeks Future Shock show and I agree.

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