Novation Drumstation ... v1, v2, d station? anyone got one for sale?

  • its pretty good for the money but the 808/909 emulation certainly isnt 100% convincing...with some eqing/fx they can sound good tho. also very tweakable and has a good midi spec. i would try to find a v2 if I were you as it has overdrive for each sound (iirc)

    one great thing about the drumstation is that it can be used to drive other older gear as it has a din-sync output for syncing with a proper 808/909/303/202 etc!

    My beat goes BOOM

  • thanks guys... I actually won one on ebay for about $350 including shipping. It looks like basically exactly what i'm looking for considering the price involved. I'm really tired of 808 samples and I think this will definitely get my beats sounding bigger and better... and it will also help my live setup (i'm trying to start doing all hardware live shows).

    The best part is that when Egypt comes over, we can sync his real 808 with the computer without having an expensive midi mod on it.

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