10 best oldschool electro songs

  • My very fav 80ies Electro tracks (but i love them all)

    1) Kid Frost -Rought Cut (This is my Nr. one fav Track 4 Ever)
    2) Kid Frost Terminator
    3) Rusty P. - Breakdown N.Y. Style
    4) G-Force- Feel The Force
    5) The Future - Nuclear Holocaust
    6) Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
    7) Divine Sounds - Changes (We Go Trough)
    8) Transformer - M.C. Craig "G"
    9) Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock
    10) COD - In The Bottle (Special Mega -Mix Incorporating "The Smurf")
    11) Kraftwerk - Musique Non Stop

    I give some Soul into the tracks !!!

  • Sad to see I am the first reply since Nov 2015!!!

    Anyway, here are mine. SOOOO hard to whittle it down to ten. Alphabetically:

    1) Afrika Bambaataa - Bambaataa's Theme (Asault On Precinct 13)
    2) Aleem - Confusion
    3) Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge
    4) Bobby Broom - Beat Freak
    5) Captain Rock - The Return Of Captain Rock
    6) D.E.F. & DJ Three D - D.E.F. Momentum
    7) Dynamic Duo feat Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntables
    8) Key-Matic - Breakin' In Space
    9) Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk
    10) Two Sisters - B-Boys Beware

    A top 100 would have been a lot easier!

  • Killergroove by Formula V (Rich Cason) i had forget. This one is one of the tracks i listen to many 100 times in my live since early 1985
    when i get it overdubbed on a tape by a mate.

    I give some Soul into the tracks !!!

  • CAPSULE - Construction
    Time Zone - The Wild Style
    YELLE - A Cause Des Garcons (Tepr Remix)
    Crystal Castles - Untrust Us

    Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene (+ Miss Kittin)
    Boys Noize & Housemeister - Shizzzo
    HEARTSREVOLUTION - Switchblade (Designer Drugs Remix)
    Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
    John Dahlback - Blink
    Nico Vega - Cocaine Cooked The Brain (Guns N' Bombs Remix)
    Lützenkirchen - 3' Tage Wach

    oops thats already 11

  • Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)
    I-Robot - Spacer Frau (Boys Noize Remix)
    Tiga - Shoes
    Crystal Fighters - I Love London (80Kidz Remix)
    SLDGHMR - I Just Want You To Know (+ You Love Her Coz She's Dead)
    BOSCO - Novo Screen
    DANGER - 11H30 (DaTa Remix)
    Ladycréme - Motherload
    S' Express - Stupid Little Girls (JBAG Remix)
    Vitalic - Flashmob

  • Welle Erdball - 23

    STAATSEINDE - Ruimtevaart Vooruit (Rude 66 Remix)
    The Knife - You Take My Breath Away
    ZZT - Lower State Of Consciousness (Original Mix)
    GoodBooks - Leni (Crystal Castles Remix)
    Fischerspooner - Emerge
    CHARLIE - Spacer Woman
    I-F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
    ADULT. - Hand To Phone
    Riot In Belgium - La Musique

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