• My first post in the music production section!

    I'm currently experiencing problems with Ableton (5.2.2), in that all of my music now sits on an external 500GB hard drive - and when I go in to the programme I do not appear to have the option of setting the external hard drive as my line/ point of choice for music files (I'm trying to use the C drive just for programmes).

    I've had a look at settings etc but can't really find what I am looking for. Can anyone offer any advice?

    Many thanks.

    155 :)

    Never to the left of a yoga mat!

  • Hmmm thats a strange one

    im running 7.0.1 but i did have 5 before that and its the same file structure as far as i can see

    on the file icons on the left click on the All Volumes at the very top and i should show up in there


  • Lee I think I've managed to find the E drive, I'll send you more questions via pm.........if ya don't mind!!

    155 :)

    Never to the left of a yoga mat!

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