Magnetize - Forced Vortex EP (Mantrap Records)

  • Magnetize - Forced Vortex EP (Mantrap Records)

    A1. Wobbulator
    A2. Overflux
    B1. Overflux (Ed Devane Remix)
    B2. Scorney

    Named after Delia Derbyshire's low frequency oscillator, it is indeed the electrifying bass oscillations of 'Wobbulator' where Magnetize makes his intentions first felt on this EP. Also powered by brutish industrial drum muscle, and interspersed with both white and wild noise, it is the introduction of melodious bells and warbled voices that make this track appeal to far more than just leather clad basement dwellers.
    'Overflux' meanwhile, is exactly what fans of Magnetize's earlier 12" on Templedog would have hoped for - where the use of a wobbly lead continues, alongside a snappy electro drum track that offsets measured, strained atmospherics and the sign of mammal activity flipping into the mix.
    Ed Devane (Touchin' Bass, Spacebar Sentiments, Takeover) supplies a mega-mashed remix of 'Overflux' on the B1, merging microscopic shards of its original parts to mischievous vocal snatches, which eventually progresses from a stuttered drum track into full on bass chaos, that has already been road tested to maximum effect in recent live sets of his.
    On 'Scorney' the rugged rolling bassdrum and tearing metallic percussion combined, is prime Irish beef that finds gel in a range of interchanging riffs and subtle whistles of wind, in a fully satisfying finale to this EP.

    Early support of the EP comes from Billy Nasty, Adam X, Scape One, Dexorcist, The Advent and Dave Clarke (who has played tracks from the ep in three of his last four 'White Noise' shows).

    DJ Mag Review - 19/12/2007
    Sunil Sharpe's label launches with a release that'll appeal to the techno and electro camps. It's not hard to understand why Dave Clarke has charted this EP: the galloping groove and tearing bass of 'Wobbulator' ticks the peak-time techno box and the underlying moodiness of the breaksy 'Overflux', acccompanied by a dense, hardcore-sampling Ed Devane remix, refutes the claim that there's no proper electro. 4/5

    Released Jan 14th 2008

  • Wobbulator = Techno. Doesn't stand out from the gazzilion other techno trax of today and not something generally accepted on here (as you can probably tell by the lack of response).

    Overflux = Quirky techno. I don't mind stuff like this as it appeals to my experimental side and shows a more creative, daring production....still not EE material tho.

    Overflux remix = Hmm, like a lot of the noisey, kinda twisted take on electro/techno. It seems to be the in thing with a lot of student types, if I'm honest. I suppose it IS forward thinking from the usual techno stuff and appeals to those who think techno itself it too purist and stale but's not electro (no matter what DJ MAG sez!).

    Scorney = At last, some electro! Still with elements of minimal techno / lock groove feelings but it has an electro beat. If ya want something deeper for a slightly darker moment in your set, this might do ya.

    Thanks for posting, magnetise. I hope it did OK 'in the shops'.

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