learning to play the piano

  • are there any online resources you can recommend?

    i can read musical notes and know the basics of of harmony.
    what i am looking for: a book or course that starts simple and get progressively more difficult. with fun examples to play cause most the practice pieces i've seen are quite boring.


  • Learning to play the piano IS incredibly boring. It doesnt get cool until you've been doing it for a long time. Yes, the practice books are boring, and practicing itself is boring. It takes a very long time really to be able to sit down and rock the thing..... just like it takes a long time to learn how to make really good electro. If you really want to do it, you just have to endure the boredom for the first little while (i w0ould say even the first year or two or even more). But.... once you do know how to play it, and once you can rock it, its really fantastic. And knowing how to play it will make learning any instrument easy as pie.
    Getting yourself a private teacher rather than trying to teach yourself will speed things up a lot.

    This is all just my advice, but what do I know... Ive only been playing classical piano for 24 years. ;)

    Rob Real

  • I was trained in classical piano since a really young age... When I got older I tried to 'learn' jazz piano by getting a book but to no avail!

    I think Rob's advice of getting a good tutor is the best way really.

    There's this thing called the Suzuki method which a lot of people use to start kids of really young and they are volumes of books that get progressivly harder. I was not trained on it but I think they are very basic.

    Are you looking to learn classical or jazz because they are really really different!

    Best of luck lj! :)

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