Wolfgang Riechmann - Wunderbar re-released

  • hmmm... where to start...

    Riechmann's "Weltweit" sounds like typical "Berlin School"
    style (Tangerine Dream) with that arpeggiator flow...
    not sure whats the name of some TD tracks that sound most similar...
    (because they have like 200+ albums by now)
    ...but i like a lot of their late 70s~early 80s albums. for example:
    -Stratosfear 1976
    -Sourcerer OST 1977
    -Force Majeure 1979
    -Exit 1981
    -White Eagle 1982

    some more great german synth albums from the top of my head...

    Reinhard Lakomy "Das Geheime Leben" 1981 (Amiga 8-))
    Robert Schröder "Harmonic Ascendant" 1979
    Edgar Froese (the TD frontman) "Stuntman" 1979
    Peter Baumann "Trans Harmonic Nights" 1979
    Harald Grosskopf "Synthesist" 1985
    Klaus Bloch "Extrem Musik a la Ping Pong" 1980
    Michael Bundt "Just Landed Cosmic Kid" 1977

    +tons more... 8)

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