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  • Not a lot of mixing on this episode, my crossfader has left the building, but the tunes are rocking. As usuall a little old and a little newer Electro. Enjoy the beats!

    Show Summary
    World Class Wrecking Crew-Juice
    Boris Divider-Digital Minds EP
    Bass Junkie-Comply LP (CD)
    Autobot 1000-Electro
    The Computer Rockers-ComputerShock
    Sync 24-It's a Soft Slip
    Silicon Scally-Dark Matter EP
    Newcleus-Jam on It (Wreck, Soul Odity Rmx)
    Sound Chaser-Sonar
    Rob Real-Time Traveller
    Otto Van Scratch-Bass Low (Have a beer ready at this point for a drinking game)
    Dweltz Rawks-Devine by Dezign
    Sace 2-A Night to Remember
    Mandroid-Anti Gravity Machine (Morphogenetic Rmx)
    The Computer Rockers-Computer Wars

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  • I don’t get many oppritunities to crank up the 10s and 12s and really get the Bass flown’, but today little ones were not at home and we got on it. Did pretty good on the mixing tip considering I haven’t mixed more than 3 records in several months. Great tunes from front to back. Was wanting to hear the first tune, so put in the three DnB tunes. First tune dedicated to all the hatas!

    Show Summary
    Ak1200-Think Like you Do
    DnB from the Jtron crates
    Umvelt-Crank this M-Fer Up
    Rob Real-Eraser
    Hydrophonix-Rolling a Hard Six (actually ak 1200 side project)
    Debonaire-Bass it to the Max (Hydros)
    - gotta look it up winking
    - Dark Vektor – Intelligencia Colectiva
    - Cut it up Def LP-Its Party Time
    - Invisible Rockers-SS Nu Electro Vol I
    - EMS
    - Spacebarsuperstar label
    - 214
    - Doctor Evil
    - Morphogenetic-Reprogram Reality
    - Aux 88-Satellites


    Thanks for tuning in!

  • This podcast features some great tunes. Uprokkers feat. Jazzy Jizzla rolln’ in after one of my favorite new releases “Breakn’ Out”. As usual really no rhymn or reason to the tracklist, just the tune I’m diggn’ at the moment. A little shorter than some 75 minutes strong. Got in a couple great mixes, laced with drops. Did regress into some dirty dirty Hip Hop, btu it s in the blood ;). No mysteries here just great Electro. Enjoy!

    Show Summary
    Leki-Breakn’ Out
    Uprockers reat Jazzy Rizzla-Electro Zeta
    Dark Vektor-Cyan
    Blastromen-Follow the Command
    ?-Get Dat Money (I think Intalect on the production)
    DJ Craze-I’m From Dade County
    Sace2-A Night to Remember
    Phonotronic-Quantum Electronics
    Darxid-Bass Generator (ABH rmx)
    Blotnik Brothers-Don’t Worry Won’t Dissolve
    The Computer Rockers-computer Shock
    Rob Real-Contamination
    Dynamik Bass System-Don’t Stop Compute


    Thank you for tuning in!

  • thanks for the DL DV!

    well as far as a live show, due to my contribution to over population, i have four churlin ' i'm unable to stand in one place for 2 hours ;) i rolled in Cozz's current slot for four years previous. :)

    so now i'm only puttn' out recorded p-casts

    and sorry for the improper spelling!

    but, i'm one of those peeps u see walking around with those red and white canes, lb.IP=blind as a bat, so i's unable to read the name on the recs :)

    love that EP btw, one of my favs

  • ah ah cool!! we have to do pression to get you on slot!!! ;)
    lukas i have the same problem as you!!! lol!!! 8)

  • Reached into my limited stack of Hip Hop vinyl and pulled out some great tunes. Some of my favs on this one. The Electro beats rolled in and were briefly interrupted by the Dynamic Breakers doing “Dynamik” (which is Electro too ;) ). Artist like Danny Electro, Microthol and Signal Type help make this episode a solid presentation of great beats. Rapped it up with Newcleus’s unreleased masterpiece Computer Age 2.0. Hope you enjoy!

    Show Summary
    Lil Flip-You Don’t Know
    -Graffiti a Life
    Wu Tang-Careful
    Beasty Boys-Check Your Head C2
    Danny Electro-Groove Lake (Zero Double Rmx)
    Microthol-Binary System
    Cut It Up Def Label
    Dynamik Breakers-Dynamik
    Crobot Musik-I Was
    Signal Type-B14
    James Pants-Cosmic Rap
    (20 sec glitch :( )
    Newcleus-Computer Age 2.0


    Thank you for downloading and keep it locked to GFR!

  • whats up homie thanks for the credit that is a tight sont but unfortunatly thats not mine that is Danny Electro-Groom Lake (Zerodouble remix) thanks for all the support man kick ass show

  • Filling in for Lloyd da Zoid and Dj Diplomat this was my first live show on GFR since May, Started out with a most amazing mix by DJ Xed of the Crobot Crew straight out of Croatia. This mix features the BEST of Old School Electro B-Boy tunes. If you can listen to this mix without doing a couple pops, you are better than me. ;) To DL the full mix go to or and look in their music post sections.

    After Xed, I get on the tables and play some hard hitting Electro beats, including, the Invisible Rockers forth coming tune. Overall a good set. Enjoy!

    Show Summary
    DJ Xed – B-Boys Break Dance Mix
    Invisible Rockers-Let’s Break
    Josh Wink-Higher State
    -Sold Our Soul
    Funky Technician-Back to the Old School
    Ice T-Pusher (White Label X-Men Double Side)
    Bass Junkie-Comply LP
    Slip 187-I’m in Miami Bitch
    Electronic Confessions-
    BMV-Righty Lefty
    Dynamik Bass System-Monotone Release
    Eric B vx Rakim-Follow the Leader
    B-Boys-You Know We Rock
    Diplomat Mega Mix S.S.N.E Vol I
    -Cut it up Def LP


    Thanks for tuning in and keep it locked to GFR!

  • Here is Episode 4 of 4 of the Mercury in retro-Grade series. Tune in and find out why the series exists. In this episode is delivered the dopest beats in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy brought to us by the interplanetary travelers Aux 88 in their varies forms, including Tokyo Drum, Optic Nerve and Keith Tucker. Episode 3 of 4 will follow later this week and is made up a much greater variety of tunes, but who needs variety when Aux is on the speakers ;)

    Show Summary
    Mic Murphy feat. Mele Mel-Electro Soul Satisfaction (Lloyd da Zoid and DJ Diplomat Mix)
    Aux 88 feature (Sorry before i could get it copied, playlist was removed from Winamp :( But, tracks include Mad Scientist, Space Satellites, Back to the Future, We Make Beats, Bangn')
    Robodrum-The Message
    Zero One – Over and Over


    Thanks for tuning in and keep it locked to GFR!

  • The third episode in the Retro Grade of Mercury series. Only two recordings survived this period in which the planet Mercury appears to move backwards in the sign of (I don't want to say for sure here cuz i'm not 100% sure, Libra I think ;) ). This astrological/astronomical is said to affect communication, amoung other tings It had to be sent to the lab of mi mate's, but it survived due to the extreme quality of the Elctro presented. There are several good mixes on board, as well. If you have a specific question abou the -'s in the tracklist, shoot I a PM :) ;) )

    Show Summary
    RD-Touchn' Bass release
    Claro Intelekto-
    Mic Murphy and Mele-ESS (ldaZ y Dip...)
    Bass Junkie--Comply LP
    Alpha 606-Africano Cubana
    Exapansion Union-World Wide Funk (Dynamix II rmx)
    Professor X-Professor X
    Everlast-The Ends
    Kansas City Prophets-
    Dynamix II-Sedona
    Illektronic-I AM ELECTRO
    Vinyl Life-Hot Sause
    Dark Vektor-Wires
    Deb Vs. Darxid-I.B.E.


    Thanks for tuning in and keep it locked to GFR!

    Note: Due to the date recorded, some information may be out of date. ;)

  • First episode in a couple of weeks and it’s a good one. First up is a mix I did two years ago on Thanksgiving-lb.IP-Thanksgivizing Mix. Good tracks and the mixing isn’t bad either. Afterwards, I play thirty-five minutes of Electro, briefly interrupted by two Hip Hop tracks. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening to FreeBass on Global Funk Radio.

    - Attention all Freaks
    Afrika Bamboota and the Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock
    Newcleus – Jam on It
    Micheal Jackson – Billy Jean
    Supreme Ja – Global Surveyor Phase II release
    Atomic Babies –
    Alpha 606 – Way of the Machines
    Meggotron – Mission Electro
    Bass Junkie – Human Error
    Silicon Scally –
    Boris Divider – Electro Endeavor’s Vol II
    Hip Hop 12”
    Outkast –
    Dynamik Bass System – Arabian Dreams
    Umvelt –
    - Can Ya Really Feel Me
    Dynamik Bass System – She’s Gotta Have It!
    Dagobert and Direct Control – Red Giant Stars
    Muddy Waters – I’m Going Back Down to Florida


    Cheers and keep it locked to GFR!

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