Mandroid - Anti-Gravity Machines feat. AUX 88, Sbassship, Morphogenetic - OUT NOW!!

  • Quote from morphogenetic;31762

    Just wanted to let you guys know that release date is January 26th, 2010...a great gift to bring in the new year...old school style! ;)

    Dont forget you can pre-order now through a pm here, or at :)

    Sbasssssss! :cylon: :headspin:

    Really looking forward to this release artwork looks great by the way :cylon:

  • My God, can't wait for this bad-boy to pop in my mailbox ;) Mr. Mandroid always delivers fresh material, ahead of his time IMO..

    "I need your clothes, your boots, & your synthesizer" :cylon:

  • Glad you like it guys, Mandroid is definately an awe inspiring producer...full of nothing but soul and wisdom that transcends time and space! we are so proud of this cd, we really feel like its one of his best.

    @v-tron: it should be there soon, it left out on Friday! :)

    12" coming some time in February or March exclusively through Templeplate in France...stay chooned, lift off has begun! :cylon:

  • received the package today, thanks santino & starrie!
    looking & sounding great! 8)

    if anyone from germany~europe or near wants the CD, drop me a pm, i got some here now.

  • great matt! :) we are very happy you like it!

    like elektroakust said, if anyone in EU wants a copy, its better to go through him as it will be lower in shipping prices!

  • You are welcome, Matt! 8) I really enjoyed working on the artwork for this release - although it was probably the most challenging computer illustration I have ever done. Here's a preview of the final product:

    I also want to say that I think this cd is amazing - props to all the boys for making some deep, inspiring music. I have been listening to it for a very long time and never get sick of it. I feel honored that I was given the opportunity to help get it out to the world.

  • Sbassship version:


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    Narration transcript / translation:

    Es ist rechts über mir.
    Es scheint, es scheint stillzustehen.
    Ich wunderte mich darüber
    warum es nicht weiterfliegt,
    es kommt immer näher auf uns zu.

    Its above me on the right side.
    It seems, it seems to be standing still.
    I wonder why its not moving on,
    its coming closer and closer.

    Es ist über mir ganz nah.
    Was ist es?
    Ich kanns nicht länger ertragen!
    Ich versuche meine Kontrolle nicht zu verlieren.
    Was wollen die, was wollen die?
    Oh! Nein! Hhhh ...

    Its right above me, very close.
    What is it?
    I can't stand it any longer!
    I'm trying not to lose control.
    What do they want, what do they want?
    Oh! No! Hhhh ...

    Jetzt weiß ich es.
    Ich weiß es.
    Ich würde gern mit ihnen mitgehen.

    Now i know.
    I know it.
    I'd like to go with them.

    Voice of Holger Hagen (1915-1996), german sync speaker for
    James Earl Jones in "Begegnung aus dem Nichts (The UFO Incident)".

    :D :cylon:

  • WOW!

    I've attempted to assimilate each track of this release over many weeks, however, as previously proven via "Future-Funk", I'm left in total awe...

    I honestly didn't know how to interpret this communication upon it's initial transmission, however, upon extended playback, I am confident in the application of my universal seal of approval to this quality product.. As always, Mandroid has delivered musical expression straight from his heart, expressing his personal experience in combination with typically excellent beat production.

    I'm reminded of my first listen of "Future Funk" years ago.. What a treat it is to be blessed with the prowess of Mandroid's excellent creativity..

    8) 8)

    "I need your clothes, your boots, & your synthesizer" :cylon:

  • I must apologize for anyone that has tried to obtain the CD and poster from Templeplate, The first package never made it, and the same thing happened to the second...maybe a French government conspiracy to silence FBI? ;D

    There is a small repress of the CD on the way, so we will attempt a third time, lets just hope it doesnt get lost again. :(

    Vinyl also coming in the next couple weeks, so get your wheels of steel warmed up and ready for the mothership's landing... :cylon:

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