• Say It Loud, I Love Rap And I'm Proud - Schoolly D

    That`s a DOPE comp - and usually fetches fairly big money - how much did you pay Phil ?

    Best Of Schoolly D

    This can as well - the red,black and green one on Jive ?

    Greatest Hits - Mc Shy D

    Had this but it did`nt have enough from his 1st LP for my liking.

    Live from TTO studios

  • [quote]
    [quote]Just ordered the following CD Albums

    Say It Loud, I Love Rap And I'm Proud - Schoolly D

    That`s a DOPE comp - and usually fetches fairly big money - how much did you pay Phil ?


  • Yep that`s a good price homeboy - the only thing about that CD is the instrumental of Saturday Night - why ?

    I`m pretty sure the other Schoolly School CD is the same tracklisting.

    Live from TTO studios

  • Just bought:

    Roxanne Shante - Big Mama (promo)
    The Rangers - I'm Hot
    Spike VST - Lets Do It
    Tricky D - Rhythm Come Forward

  • Quote

    [quote:28ij63gf]360 Degrees - Years To Build / Pelon

    Reissue or not this is a dope 12 to have - LOVE IT ;D[/quote:28ij63gf]

    Indeed sir.

    I have the reissue which i`m happy with - this totally passed me by back in `89 or whenever it was.

    Live from TTO studios

  • just copped - London Rhyme Syndicate E.P now I'm after their second - Hard To The Core

    anyone recommend any other dope golden era UK rap - strictly UK Hip Hop at the moment

  • Golden era UK stuff?.look no further than Hijack's Horns of jericho lp ...but the double lp............the scratch mix of Hold No Hostage is dope!!............ as is Style Warriors Revenge......er which isnt on there lol.....Dj Dzire & Jc 001 etc etc .....Sindicate....Gunshot...early blade shit & if ya lucky enough to own them.....the 2 Criminal Minds Ep's

  • I used to have Blade's Lyrical Maniac way back when, yeah I'm after them Criminal Minds joints too.......The Sindecut - they we're from Milton Keynes and I remember them from some t.v program where the m.c was rapping in his garage..........

  • the sindicut mc crazy noddy and dj fingers there two 12s were on baad records the first has one track by them on it
    the second is a four track including a capital rap session
    very nice 12s allways in the crate

  • Double Barrel CD Single / EP - Twin Hype
    Man & His Music CD - BDP
    Road To The Riches - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo CD ( Double CD Reissue ) Bought the Original CD back in year of release, but got this for the Bonus Tracks.
    Criminal Minded - BPD ( Double CD Reissue )
    Goin' Off - Biz Markie ( Double CD Reissue )

    I hate those pesky CD's :D

  • Unique - Axe Maniac
    Unique - Die Hard EP
    Get Wit It Productions - Are You Ready
    MC Peaches - Commin Straight Rollin Hard
    Full Volume - Do You Feel Alright
    Ultras - Travelling At the Speed of Thought (not Hip house Version)
    Upfront Rudies / Richie Rich & Bello B - Real Skills EP
    Powerlords - British Mic Control

  • The Unknown Force - Females
    X-Ray Vision - Video Control (second copy)
    CJ Mackintosh And Einstein - The Tables Are Turnin'
    TJ Swann & Peewee Mel and Swann Controllers - Maximus Party (second copy)
    Arabian Prince - She's Got A Big Posse
    I.R.T. - Made In The U.S.A. (American XTC)
    Ice "T"* - Cold Wind-Madness / The Coldest Rap
    5ive-O-Posse - To Each His Own
    Harlem World Crew - Rappers Convention
    DBL Crew - Bust It (Promo)
    Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat (Promo)
    BMW - How You Gonna Play Me?
    Micron - Eastenders Rap / Solar Rock
    Blondie - Rapture

  • The Rangers - I'm Hot came yesterday, bargain price of $15!!!!!

    And nice to see you on here Bokkie, hope you are well mate ;)

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