• yeah speaking about Utrecht.. it was fun after not been visiting there for the last 5 years. I mainly bought some UK releases such as
    Blade-lyrical maniac 2 copies
    Hijack-doomsday of rap
    BAAAD e.p. feat. Sindecut
    Finesse Synquis-soft but deadly (cheap pick as spare)
    Whodini-funky beat
    Doctor Rocx & Co feat Kydd Fresh-Takin it to the Floor
    Prophet el cee-ace of spades
    and some battle records

    I went on saturday, did anybody get in there on friday?

  • I had a dealers pass I was there all three days. 8)

  • Quote from MoMzL1

    I had a dealers pass I was there all three days. 8)

    really? who did you travel with? Which dealer I mean

    You don't need to travel with a dealer you can buy them off the site. You also get early entry on the Saturday and Sunday with them too. :)

  • My recent aquisitions

    Main Source - Lost Science
    Lungbutters - Lungbutters
    Philly Throwback Volume 1
    Philly Throwback Volume 2
    Freddy B & the Mighty Mike Masters - It's The Hip Hop
    Del-Roc - Beat Plays On
    Dee Rock - Knowledge
    Lord finesse - Rare Selections EP Vol. 3
    Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Here I Come Remix / Keep The Crowd Listening Remix
    Main Source - Looking At The Front Door (Uncut) / Time
    Legion - Merlin
    Majestic Productions - Cold Sweat / Frontline
    Nut-Rageous - Best In The Profession
    Nut-Rageous - Wat's Poppin'
    Kings of Swing - Stop Jockin' James / Microphone Junkie
    The Almighty RSO Crew - We'll Remember You (Sealed)
    MC Breeze - The Party's At My House LP
    Fashion & G.Q. - Can't Recall the title at the mo though
    Sport G & Mastermind - Let The Rhythm Roll EP
    Cadence - Stand Up Tragedy / Wait No More
    Jalil - Smirfathon U.S.A.
    Gangster-D - Gangster Rock
    Rappin' Rodney - Bustin' Out!
    Kick Productions - It Needs A Bassline
    Demetrius Dollar (AKA Dollar Bill) - Boom / The Cocaine Blues Story
    The Force - Shorties
    CSP - Crime Stopper / Crime Doesn't Pay
    Marc Love - Crack Down (On Cracking It Up)
    DJ Mike Smooth & Shorty Long - The South Boogie EP
    New M.C. Team - My Converse
    Mighty Etnhics - Free Style
    D.J Bones & Two Def M.C.'s - You're Not Down (This a spare for trade)

  • waiting on the best of Arabian Prince CD
    just got these
    Spoonie Gee - Spoonin Rap (gray label)
    Shante - Go On Girl
    Big Apple Production Vol 4
    Big Apple Production Vol 1
    Moe Dee Debut LP
    The Invisibles - Donkey Kong (Dubwise)
    The Micronawts - Letzmurph Acrossdasurf
    Rhyme Syndicate - Comin Thru LP
    Master OC & Krazy Eddie - Masters Of The Scratch
    Metrovynil - Ghetto Blaster
    Marley Marl - In Control Vol 1+2 cd

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • that's quite a list you got there m8.. some of my wants in there too....

  • Latest 7''s:

    Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy
    Cool C- C is Cool
    Cybotron - Cosmic Cars
    MC Dollar Bill - Lifestyles of the Fresh & Fly
    Mr Hyde - The Witch / Hyde's Beat
    Street Beat - Rap N Scratch
    Timezone - World Destruction

  • got this the last 2 weeks:

    Rap Riot Crew - People in the Streets (Sarco Rec. 1985)
    Next Generation - The rhythm moves the woman (Fresh Town Rec. 1987)
    Haji Rock - Bad News Blues (Phoenix Records 1985)
    Jen-Yes - What is Rap/Love Games (B..leaf Rec. 1986)
    Power House Rockers - Power House Rockers (Power House Records 1987)
    The Willesden Dodgers - 1st Base (JIVE Records 1986)
    Trans-Lux - Get it off (Master Mix 1984)
    Joe Franz - Bronx Vice (Madia Music 1988)
    X-REF - Dream-O-Six (Metrovinyl 1984)
    302 - Lectric Groove (TSOM Records 1984)
    Alias III - Street Aid (Young Guys Rec. 1985)
    Radio Crew - Breakin & Enterin OST (Radio Crew Productions 2008)

  • Quote from kaos;4961

    Sssssh!!! Nobodys watching or looking, so how about uploading it ? :D

    Sssssh kaos, look here ******************************
    but hurry up, ya know leechers are evrywhere ;D

  • A few new purchases:

    The Juice Crew Ep
    MC Mitchski - Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge
    The Bandits (Chad Money & Trigger B) - Top Gun
    MC E-Rock - Down For Mines
    Vicious Two - In The Raw

  • Got these in today's post

    DJ Kool - The Music Ain't Loud E-Nuf (12")
    B-Boys, The - Cuttin' Herbie / Two Three Break (12")
    Caveman - The Victory E.P. (12", Promo)
    Death Row Records DJ Sampler (12", Promo) [Snoop Doggy Dogg - Pump Pump, Snoop Doggy Dogg - Serial Killa, Lady Of Rage, The - Afro Puffs, Dr. Dre - Stranded On Death Row]
    Hardrock Soul Movement - Elaweaser, Just A Skeezer (12")
    Microphone Prince, The - Rock House / Memory Lane / Hound Dog (12")
    Overlord X - 14 Days In May (12")
    Schoolly D - Saturday Night (12")
    Schoolly D - Dedication To All B-Boys (12")
    Stereo MC's And Cesare - Feel So Good / Move It (12")
    Evaready & Unanimous Decision - Straight To The Point (12")

  • Def Con Crew - For The DJ's / We're Here To Rock
    Ninja - Ninja on RSP records 1987 out of Alabama
    Jazza Bell - Mercedes (around 88/89 i think) )
    Gift Of Dreams - Funkincise + Mandroid (nice electro funk flow especially in Mandroid )
    Ray Heard - Street Serenade (boogie rap from 1985)
    Too Real Crew - You Ain't Real (late 80's hip hop w/ vocoder out of Detroit)
    Kenny B - Why You Leave Me Girl - 7inch
    Micer G - First Attack (sealed)
    The Ultimate - Uzi And The Millimeter / In And Out Of My Life
    II Tone - Eliott Ness
    Romeo & The Nu Skool - Happy Days
    Tim Mabin - Jimmy Jam (e-funk with heavy beats)
    Precious Pitt - Millionare (the refrain could be better as it gets on my nerves but apart from this a good e-rap)
    Mr Holiday ft. Miker G - LA against NY (sealed)
    Projeckt III - M-O-N-E-WHY? / The Future (mint-2nd copy)
    Michael B. And Roger - Telling The Truth
    TT PMC - Treat Her Like A Lady
    Taylor Made - Fast Lane
    Super Wolf And The Rap-o-matics - Hooked On The Rap (TOP!)
    Lambchops - Bus Stop / Shake'm On Up (rap features Troy The Wonderboy )
    Jefferson Ink - Fight The Pipe (think the only rap release by him)
    Charles Turner - Doggin (obscure west coast rap out of LA)
    Next Generation - The Rhythm Moves The Woman / Color of my Life
    REG - Smooth
    C.T. And The Record Band - Supersonic Rap (boogie rap about the Seattle Supersonics - 7inch)
    Carver High - Boogie With A Book (boogie rap - 7inch)
    Osè - Satisfaction Guaranteed - 7inch
    Rocker Band - Rocker Time
    Rainbow / ACV & Cool G - She's A Fake / Rock Rulin - 7inch
    The U-Gents - Chain Gang
    Party Play - Crushin / This Is The End Of It All / Reflections
    Control / M.O. Crew - Tight Pants & Pangadang
    Catastrophe III - Freestyle / Yo Yo
    Tony B. & The Boys - Check My Mic
    Jimmy U. & Crew - Don't Say Goodbye / Rap Rude - 7inch
    Dorian - Stacked To The "T"
    The First Family - Slow Motion / The First Family - 7inch
    Fresh Finesse - Who Can Rock Like This (mint)
    The Outlaw Poet - Don't Drive Drunk / Street Talk - 7inch
    Velocity - Unemployment - 7inch
    We Rock Krue - Just Flakin
    We Rock Krue - Hit It
    G-Mann - "Dominique" (Got To Be An All-Star)
    Leon Patillo - Dance Children Dance - 7inch
    Mass Production - Come Get Some Of This
    Gifted 4 - Temper
    Abdul Tariq - Education
    T.S.G. - You Should Know To Say No (sealed)
    Maggabrain - New Wavin' (Now Rec. 1983)

    and a couple more

  • Quote from aladin;11794

    We Rock Krue - Hit It

    Do you have a mp3 of wee rock krue - hit it? and could you pls share if so? I never heard of that one and their other 12' just flakin is amazing and in my wantlist as well... thanks in advance

  • Quote from momzl1;11947

    Do you have a mp3 of wee rock krue - hit it? and could you pls share if so? I never heard of that one and their other 12' just flakin is amazing and in my wantlist as well... thanks in advance

    haven't ripped it yet but will do it soon.

  • Some of the records I picked up the last couple of months, some electro, some hip hop

    Delmar Donnell - Cash Money Talks on Street Beat 1989
    George Nooks & The Electrons - Computer Reggae on Serious Gold 1983
    Half Man Half Machine - Half Man Half Machine on Touchdown 1986 (second copy)
    Hijack - The Horns Of Jericho on Warner Brothers 1991
    Majestic M.C.'s, The - Cosmic Dove / Bite On The Duke on Lemon Twist 1985
    M.C. Chocolate Star / Professor, The - The Pop / Space Walking & Slow Walking on Chocolate Star 1982
    Professor, The - On Center Stage / Space Walking & Slow Walking on Chocolate Star 1987
    Pamel'la - Make You Mine on Treasure 1986
    Sound On Sound Productions - Tribute To The Greatesss on Reflection 1980
    Space Shot Orchestra - Get The Bone / Chill Out on Romance Record 1986
    Moths Of Mirth, The - The Gypsie Moth on Fresh Tracks 198?
    James Taylor - Nite People on GSP 1984
    Original Gangsters Of Freestyle - Gotta Release The Hoe on Fourth Floor 1989
    Paul Hardcastle - You're The One/Daybreak/AM on BMC 198?
    MC Peaches - Commin Straight Rollin Hard on Bumrush 1988
    Spoonie Gee - The Godfather Of Rap Tuf City 1987
    Todd 1 - Time To Make The Floor Burn on Street Art 1990
    Maestro Fresh Wes - Drop The Needle on LMR (Lefrak-Moelis Records) 1990
    Kurtis Blow - Party Time on Mercury 1983
    24-7 - Shoot To Thrill on Skay 1989
    Microphone Prince - Rock House/Memory Lane on Still Rising Records 1987
    Sirus - The One And Only Sirus EP white label 1991
    Grandmaster Slice & Izzy Chill - Shall We Dance on Creative 198?
    Frank Cornelius And Power House Band, The - Do Me Right on II Brothers 1986
    Phantom Rock & MCB Bop - The Story Of MCB Bop oon Smokin 1985
    Maggozulu Too - Mix It Baby on Pandisc 1988
    Sonarphonics, The - Attack On The Planet Of Bass on Pandisc 1986
    Tski Valley - Cut It Up on Grand Groove 1983

  • Just got my copy of (the now infamous) Die Zwei - USA! USA! USA! on West Trading Comp. cotaining Wanted : The Tyrell Corp. Very happy with that one I must say! Nice NM copy with picture sleeve and Press Release.

    Also got my copy of Davis And Davis - The Professor (on) Center Stage today! One of the famous Chocolate Star Records with The Professor and Gary Davis. Cool stuff.

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