SPECTRUMS DATA FORCES Live @ 8Z8 (Madrid 02Oct09)

  • SPECTRUMS DATAS FORCES Live (Dirty Planet/Granada) @ 8Z8

    Spectrums Data Forces is not English, Dutch or American, but from Granada (Spain). One of the emerging values of the Iberian Electro for a few years ago, but is best known for his techno alias, C-System. His productions are beginning to span international labels such as Patterns, Flux, Advanced, Dirty Planet Recordings or the Ukrainian Toyfriend Music, note that is had been remixed by notorious artists such the mysterious UHU, or the ubiquitous Umwelt.

    Not stopping at this point, José María Moreno Vega has carved a niche in the charts of dj's as famous as Dave Clarke, with whom he has shared cabin, and with Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Regis or Takaaki Itoh to name a few.

    It was time then to enjoy their majestic and violent Electro, halfway between the minimalism of Boris Divider rhythmic, melodic power of the Blotnik Brothers or the Dark Vektor's darkness, shown in his productions or his virtuous dj sets. Now begins the fall and the long daylight hours dwindle and give way to darkness, who better could be invited for another voltaic 8Z8 night.


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