the 10 worst modern synthesizers

  • Alesis Andromeda A6: With that money you expected something good. Yes it's fantastic paper vice but in reality that beast just sucks. It doesn't sound good enough for a VCO and the envelopes are horrible. Also the small knobs are very very suckish. Looks like a plastic toy.

    Dave Smith Prophet'08: Those encoders are the WORST in history, I mean WTF they were thinking?!!! Overal sound is thin and the layout is not too good. Though it looks kind of cool.

    All ROMplers ever made: Like who the f* came up with that retarded idea? It shoud be SYNTHESIZERS, you know synthesize a sound from electricity, VCO, DCO.

    All new Rolands and Korgs: /facepalm ....just fucking look at it:

  • totally agree! andromeda is so expensive and the front panel is sick

  • surprised to find the andromeda and pro8 in that list ,although i havnt actually used one
    they arnt exactly"budget" synths..

    yep agree with romplers for the list ,much prefer proper "synthesiser samplers" to create unique synths and drums on.. :cylon:

  • Quote from bs1;28502

    Elektron Monomachine - Thin, plastic sounds. Great for wet farts though

    You've got to be kidding me! You are really putting this beast in the 10 worst synthesizers? That's blasphemy. I own one and the thing roars. Fat sounds, nice ambient, or blips/bleeps/zaps. It's not an analog machine if that's your reasoning. I can get some great analog sounding roars from it or thin sounds. Everything from Drexciya like basslines to long drones and beyond. You really have to dive deep into this machine for it's full potential. It's a lot of synthesis and no presets.

    Listen to some of Autechre's tracks, John Tejada, even the Bitsteam guys have used it. There really are some great sonds you can get out of this machine.

  • 303 totally unsuable (i know it starts all groovebox mania , but comparing with mc 505 , children chinese synths sounds more serious )

    2. rm1x (in depth programming sucks and also "fx's")

    3. korg x5d

    4. neko synth's (i dont need vstI's into machines , we have a laptops )

    5. roland mc 307 (it's same as 505 but with technics 1210 pitch control ...)

    6. korg er-1 (timing isn't right ... always skips for 0.33 bpm to have "analog" feel of sequecing) but it's my fave drum machine after tr707 and r8

    that's on the fly maybe litle bit later i will get something ... oh yeah

    7. moog litle phatty (ain't fat it's very skinny one ;] )

  • little phatty????? its a good synth!! what you want for 800euros and analogical!!

  • #1 Quasimidi The Raven!!

    totally disagree with monomachine, andromeda and little phatty being in the list of worst synthesizers!

    the monomachine is a beast! not my first choice for analogue sounds of course, but it works really well for all kinds of digital, fm, noise, sid type sounds. and you easily get some serious basslines out of it. the sequencer is top notch!

    here is a link where you can hear the monomachine in action. all synth sounds made with the mnm, drums with the machinedrum. no external processing.
    i only had it for two days when i made this, and just scratched the surface. but it gives you an idea that it doesn´t sounds that shit all the way.
    the original preset patterns are wack though.…public/actionjetzon.10003

    the little phatty doesn´t sounds that rough and vitage as the old moogs, but nevertheless really good in my ears. not to forget all the advantages of a modern synth! tuning, storing, midi...
    for me it def sounds fatty enough!

    two 100% little phatty tracks multitracked in ableton:…actionjetzon.10001?sort=0…actionjetzon.10002?sort=0

    the andromeda is probably the most flexible analog polysynth ever made! you can really get so many different sound characters out of this beast, no other single synthesizer is capable of.
    it doesn´t sounds like a jupiter 8 or a matrix 12, rather more rough, harsh, foggy.
    but wtf, it sounds awesome!
    the modulation possibilities with the modulation croutes are insane.
    the andromeda is a lifetime synth, and it takes time and effort to get deep into it. in return it will surprise you for many years!
    the envelopes and lfo´s are the only chink. digital, not really fast and not well interpolated. but thats more like a software design bug. unfortunately alesis will probably never correct that.
    but with the engine optimizer you can make at least the envelopes a bit faster for clicky, percussive sounds.

    that´s just my subjective opinion, and everybody has its own.
    but to put these three synths in the list is simply not fair. there are dozens of wackier synths out there.


  • maybe but i compare it accidentaly with blofeld , for me blofeld sounds more usefull , i respect and like moogs and their legacy but little phatty sounds fat as they claim ... maybe new mini sounds "Retro" ...

    also adding to the list electribe series with tubes built in ... with little exception for emx ...

    well imo is a shit cose was so expensive for the sound that it had , and the knob feeling was a shit aswell for me!
    the point good was the sequencer!!! and it looks nice(the cover) as pro synth!

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