the 10 worst modern synthesizers

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    satak sorry for disturbing peace on this forum , but what kind of problem you have???? i don't have so much money to spend 1000 eu or higher just to have some piece of "owen" , in fact bass junkie is a crap because he was using only mpc 2000 for production or use korg ms2000b for vocoding ...

    Just chill, you can make great music with a crappy synth :)

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    just fucking look at it:

    I'd like to say this : Those knobs are meant for a washing machine! You know, the ones who say "krkrkrkrkr" when you turn them :D

    Electro is the SF of music !

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    Casio CZ3000 - had more background hiss than Mr Hiss from Hisstown - Hissville
    Well mine did anyway!

    That's down to a poorly designed chorus circuit, and low budget components. If you're handy with a soldering iron, replace the ceramic caps with poly ones in the chorus' audio path to cure it. Or, just keep the chorus on zero (and also save yourself a channel on your desk, as it's mono without the chorus).

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    maybe but i compare it accidentaly with blofeld , for me blofeld sounds more usefull , i respect and like moogs and their legacy but little phatty sounds fat as they claim ... maybe new mini sounds "Retro" ...

    yeah, thats what i mean. :)
    it´s a matter of taste and maybe which other gear you are using.
    a friend of mine brought the blofeld to me and i had the chance to check it out for three days. it´s a great sounding synth, with a really nice price, but we had problems to fit it right in the mix.
    nevertheless, great sounding little synth with endless possibilities. but not really what i´m looking for.

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    well imo is a shit cose was so expensive for the sound that it had , and the knob feeling was a shit aswell for me!
    the point good was the sequencer!!! and it looks nice(the cover) as pro synth!

    oh man, yeah that thing sounds so bad. i had it for a couple of years, it was one of my first synths. i didn´t really know what i wanted at that point, just started getting deeper into electronic music. i don´t even remember if it has any good characteristics, just know that itsounds shite, knobs are crap and i even don´t like the design. :-/

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    roland sh 201 is very serious synth , but it need sometime to dedicate to him (as for all roland gear) to figure that is a monster

    I LOVE the SH201, more than my 101 for its HUGE sound the 101 does have the edge controlling the modular, but the 201 has a massive sound. In fact one of my favourite boards, above the JD800 & Juno1... Sometimes it's not all about vintage...

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