Unknown Artists? Year? Lable?

  • Anyone have any info on these artists and titles? ;D
    Record lable? year? etc. ???
    I know they are all out of Boston MA

    1. Disco P & The Fresh MC - Girls

    2. Fat Girls of Boston - Fat Girls

    3. Fresh to Impress FTI Crew - Suzi Q

    4. Body Rock Crew - Power in Our Rhymes

    5. Ultimate GQ - We're DEF

    6. Rusty the Toejammer & Larry D - In The Place To Be

    7. DJ Scratch - World Class

    8. White Boy Crew - Popeye

    9. D-Brown Brothers - Martin Luther King

    10. MC Capers - Reality

    11. Professor Rock & RCC Roxbury Crush Crew - Stop, Look & Listen

    12. K Rock Crew - Betty Lou

    13. MC Throwdown & DJ Almighty Antski - Give Us Respect

    14. Disco P & The Fresh MC - Goodnite

    Thanks in advance!

  • Quote from groovemasterfunk;29458

    Anyone have any info on these artists and titles? ;D

    6. Rusty the Toejammer & Larry D - In The Place To Be

    What a delightful name.

  • Quote from James G;29467

    All these tracks are from the "Boston goes def" compilation lp. Came out in '87. Strangely enuff, was listening to this just last night.

    1987? Where on the album or label does it say this - I can't see it anywhere ::) Even Disogs has it as a 1986 release ???
    I have this album too and to be honest rate it as one of the worst one's in my collection. One decent track in my books and that's the Rusty P track (Rusty The Toejammer). Quality tune ;)

    Postcode lottery........you're thick if you deny it exists

  • There is no year stated on lp cover or vinyl. I put it down to '87 as I heard certain tracks from this on Mike Allens show in about april/may of said year. I would imagine the lp was probably produced in '86 but got released in '87 or certainly became available in UK at that time.

  • I brought this album when it came out and i think ive only played it once or twice since then , imo the only decent track on there is the dj scratch one , all the others are cack

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