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  • It's OUT and it's available in all good record shop (in fact not so easy to find...) I suggest you type in Google to find out...
    here's just a few = JUNO, TEMPLEPLATE, TOOLBOX, ...

    Yosuke Ikeda is a very talented DJ/Producer that I had the chance to meet back in Tokyo. He has launched few years ago his own label "Tokyo Electro Beat" with only 2 release, but good ones with some of his good friends also very active in the Electro scene in TYO. However on this ELECTRIC SUNRISE EP he drops his fine beats for the very first time outside Japan !
    Noty because it's my label but strongly recomand you this release ! This guy deserve to be in your fine electro collection, not to mention that he is the only one on this side of the planet to match our best electro producer (US or Europe)... Don't hesitate to contact him, even for tracks on your label, he'll be honored (as he were with me)... To Tell me or him what you think.

    Good tracks mastered at THE EXCHANGE(UK) by a Japanese artist on a French label...

    Sample + video on my page = http://www.myspace.com/vstee

    and please visit his page for support = http://www.myspace.com/yosukeikeda

    Fdb02_6 "Electric Sunrise EP"
    All tracks written by AE35 aka Yosuke Ikeda (Tokyo Electro Beat)

    Thanks to all bass listeners and for paying attention to my message...

    Bass regards

    Till Bass Do Us Part... :borg:

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