4th Jan 2010 (electro)

  • Tonight on Monday Mental Meltdown I am going to be kicking the year off with an electro only show featuring tracks from Global Surveyor 3 and other electro monsters. Be sure to drop by the chatroom via here or globalfunkradio.com to take part 8-10pm GMT. It's not often I do a whole show on electro as most of you know I'm more into hip hop / rap so this is a bit of a specialty ;D

  • Tonight's show featured 7 tracks from Global Surveyor Phase III (3 x 12") and a bunch of dope electro tracks interspersed throughout. Hope you enjoy it. If you like the Global Surveyor tracks be sure to go and buy it from the Dominance Web Shop


    01 DJ Xed - Mr. Slade
    02 Debonaire All-Stars - Let It Flow
    03 Phonotronix - Anti Matter
    04 Phundamental - Wheels Within Wheels
    05 Cosmic Rockers - The Wandering of Humanity
    06 Exaltics - No Time To Spend
    07 Evil Hector feat. Supreme Ja - Bass Wars (Original Version)
    08 Keen K - Nozomi
    09 Dark Vector - Wires
    10 Gods Of Technology - State Of Panic
    11 Necronomicion - Gamma Child
    12 Geoglyph - Face On Mars (Interlude)
    13 Mandroid - Driving In My Turbo Mini (Remix)
    14 Unborn - Reality
    15 Bass Kittens vs Volum - Robots 1 Hippies 0
    16 Lektroid - Modular
    17 Dr. Schmidt - Warning
    18 Ellefunk - Hybrid Devices (N-Ter & Blashko) (Unreleased Demo Version)
    19 N-Ter - All That We Are
    20 Andy Collins - Automatic
    21 Illektris - This Is Your Reckoning (Torment Mix)
    22 Bass Kittens - Air Quotes
    23 Spectrums Data Forces - Controlling The Universe
    24 Blastromen - Human 2.0
    25 Supreme Ja - Vampires
    26 Lexi - Dial Me (Si Begg Remix)


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