• Mantis 102 + Ourobonic Plague
    Broadcasting at 20:00 GMT on Future Music / Darkfloor

    For show 102 we head to Australia and welcome to the showcase session Perth’s Ourobonic Plague.

    the showcase
    Producer Ourobonic Plague is a man who began a life in music as a hiphop MC. Having diverse taste in music, led to discovering the likes of Sunn 0))) and Burial around the same time. That combined with a love of the beats of the Southern rap scene, led to, in 2005, his first dabblings in production. It was then he began to combine the elements that formed these styles.

    He’s released his “beats and drones for strange times” as tapes, downloads and CDrs through several labels including Now…This!, AMDiscs and Twice Removed.

    At present he is working with the UK based Robot Elephant Records, where he has a track appearing on their upcoming Robot Elephant vs Tundra Dubs compilation, and is deep into the creation of an album also to be released by them later this year.

    As to his mix for tonight’s show he says:

    “I originally wanted this to be all cool, dark, minimal beats, but it ended up being a mix of songs by my friends and influences. I’m far from an expert at mixing but I tried to create a bit of a journey here. A journey with an honest soundtrack, that will hopefully introduce you to some interesting stuff you haven’t heard before. Naturally there’s a few of my own tunes in here, including a couple that have yet to be released.”

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  • Mantis Radio 104 + Chordata
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    Somatic Responses – Phuture Phuckers [Hymen]
    Paraphonic – Kamchatka (Christoph Schindling remix) [Loud and Clear Netlabel]
    CIRClings – Liquid Light [Hidden Records]
    CIRClings – Ears To The Sky [Hidden Records]
    Synus0006 – Capricorn [Chi Recordings]
    Planetary Assault Systems – X Speaks To X (Al Tourettes + Appleblim remix) [Ostgut Ton]
    David Meiser – Dark Roots [Hard Benzel]
    Energun – Immer in bewegung [Energun Records]
    RFS – Laboratory [Noctambular Rec]
    Smear – Waiting Area [Teskoba]
    algo – macuahuitl [algorhythms-co-uk]
    Derlich – Radioactivity (Voidloss Cutaneous radiation syndrome) [Singularity]
    MicroControlUnit – Escape [Fundamental Bass Intelligence]
    MicroControlUnit – Electro Enterprise [Fundamental Bass Intelligence]
    Synus0006 – Only Drumz [Chi Recordings]
    Swarm Intelligence – Locust [Stasis Records]
    Radioactive Man – Bodycount [Wang Trax]
    Mr 76ix – Lectric Landlady [SKAM]
    The Mover – Program Your Fate [Tresor]
    Rory St John – Mandelbulb [Teskoba]
    Robert Lippok – Sugarcubes [Raster-Noton]
    Hecrom – Sedna [Zimmer Records]

    Chordata – Inner Strength
    Chordata – Griffin [Militant Science]
    Chordata – Clarky Cat
    Chordata – Nocturnal Predator [Militant Science]
    Chordata – Feline Domination [Militant Science]
    Chordata – Samhain [Militant Science]
    Chordata – The Fifth Dimension
    Chordata – RESIST
    Chordata – Astral Projection
    Chordata – Innebriated Hobo Clown
    Chordata – Elipse (Vocal Mix)
    Chordata – When Nature Fights Back [Militant Science]
    Chordata – Ostara [Militant Science]
    Chordata – Kelpie [Napalm Enema Records]

    There’s something in the water up in Glasgow. The Scottish city has a long history of pushing great electro upon the world, and this week we welcome the work of [rul=http://soundcloud.com/chordata-1]Chordata[/url] to illustrate just why she is another producer continuing in that tradition.

    the showcase
    Her releases grace some electro’s finest pushing it imprints; Militant Science, Napalm Enema Records and later this year she joins the ranks of Tudor Beats with her new EP. The Scottish producer has been producing and experimenting with electro, techno and cutting edge electronic music for the past decade.

    Based in Glasgow and having supported the likes of Soundex Phonetic and Michael Forshaw; Chordata’s original approach and high octane/tempo electro techno is rich with killer basslines and sweet playful melodies with the dancefloor kept firmly in her sights.

    Heavily influenced by both classical music and sublimely dark electronica and techno from around the globe, Chordata captures a distinctive and unique resonance of discordant electro.

    Her forthcoming Resist EP on Tudor Beats, will be, uniquely for the scene, available in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. For show 104 kick back and witness: Chordata.

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  • Mantis Radio 105 + Tundra Dubs
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    Qo – Transmission [Disturbed Recordings]
    Paul Blackford – Dream Sequence (Screwtec remix) [Tudor Beats]
    Ampa – Plex [dub]
    Josco – An Echo (Alessio Ballerini remix) [Somehow Recordings]
    Photek – No Agenda [Photek]
    Kursa – Nightosphere Funk [Wonkay]
    Lakker – Arc [Blueprint]
    Slam – Azure (KiNK remix) [Soma Records]
    Death Abyss – The Magic of Defiance [Rodz Konez]
    The Vonn Trapp Family – Lynfield Mount [Kickin Records]
    Mslwte – Gnarl [Noctambular]
    Objekt – Porcupine [Hessle]
    Lokodepo – Die vergessenen zivilisationen [Energun]
    Posthuman – Genetic Coder [Acroplane]
    Mitoma – Frz-Min (Nonimx) [mitoma]
    Addison Groove – Bad Things ft. Spank Rock [50Weapons]
    Fornax – Kepler (Promise.One.Cut) [Sub Pressure]
    Sleeper – Kindred [dub]
    Double Helix – Supreme Architecture [Keysound]
    Double Helix – LDN [Keysound]
    Scott Robinson – Insubordinate [dub]

    AAIMON – current [Tundra] from FLATLINER 12″
    Men in Burka – Aljazeera Afterdark [Tundra] s/t CD
    Black Jeans – Overgrown Grief [Sweating Tapes]
    Loft – Loft [Sweating Tapes]
    Mascara ft. //TENSE// – Empire of Man [Tundra] forthcoming split 7″ with Slow Head
    Slow Head – Pegasus [Tundra] forthcoming split 7″ with Mascara
    Dolphin Logic – Wet Goddess [Tundra] from Holographic Dreamingg
    Soft Riot – Do Less [Tundra] from Another Drone in Your Head
    AAIMON – Symbols [Tundra] from AMEN CDR
    Panda Teeth – seek [Tundra] from Sunshine Sin tape
    Black Jeans – Canyons [Tundra] s/t tape
    Club for Boardgames – IXTLI [Tundra] s/t tape
    Soft Riot – Another Drone in Your Head (Variation by Mild Peril) [Tundra] from Another Drone in Your Head
    Grimm Soundsystem – Korby Bryers [Robot Elephant vs Tundra Dubs]
    Myrrh Ka Ba – Pocket Monsters [Tundra] from There’s Only One of Us Here

    From Glasgow to California, this week we welcome Tundra Dubs to the showcase session for Mantis Radio.

    Relatively fresh on the scene, having been around since September 2010 Tundra Dubs have made quite an impact pushing their particular brand of dark electronics most closely classified as witchhouse or grave wave. Forming, as many labels use to, from an abundance of great, but unreleased music being made by friends surrounding label boss Ben Versluis.

    Versluis heads up a label that whilst predominately based in the digital realm has branched out into vinyl and is currently to be seen pushing the latest work of San Diego duo AAIMON, who many of you will remember delivered a stunning session for us last year. Their FLATLINER release sees the duo lay down some of their best work yet and is another milestone for the Californian label.


    External Content vimeo.com
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    Perhaps the labels most successful release to date , and Ben’s personal favourite, is the Os Ovni/Modern Witch split 7″ which saw the light back in June is the best introduction to the label. Or better yet Ben’s selection of the label past, present and future forming the content of this week’s Mantis Radio broadcast.

    In an ever homogenised corpus of wannabe Beatport chart chasers it’s always refreshing to find a label not afraid to create their own path with their own sound on their own terms. Tundra embody that spirit. You Indie and Connexion Bizarre interviewed Ben in August and October respectively last year and both articles give a better insight into what Tundra is and where Ben is taking it.

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  • Mantis Radio 106 + Casual Violence
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    Logical Disorder – Sol Invictus [Mutoide]
    Alphaxone – Emerging [Eg0cide Productions]
    WIKAN – Monoliths [Dark Peaks]
    Drugstore – Gaia (Oliver Kucera remix) [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Pasquale Maassen – Waveshaper [Zimmer Records]
    Rene Reiter – Invasion V1 [Alien Force]
    Sev Dah – Saint Of The Cave (Grovskopa remix) [Gynoid Audio]
    David Meiser – Assault Forces [Pareto Park]
    Luke Creed – Ground Loop [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Tachini – Ongeloof [Pareto Park]
    Si Begg – Bad Boy [dub]
    Mazzula – Harsh Boy [input - output inc.]
    Phat Chex – Try for me [dub]
    Clatterbox – Autofire [Ricochet Records]
    Subnation – Scottie (King Yoofs 2012 mix) [Sub Slayers]
    Swarm Intelligence – Scud [Swarm Intelligence]
    SKELETONKIDS – $ (Rainn Bad Customer Service remix) [SKELETONKIDS]

    Casual Violence – Nothing Is Written [Maieutics]
    Giorgio Gigli + Obtane – Patterns Of Behaviour [Zooloft]
    Lapse – Sound 6 [dub]
    Haus Arafna – Hingabe [Galakthorro]
    Sandwell District – Grey Cut Out [Sandwell District]
    Svreca – SS09 (Yuji Kondo + Katsunori Sawa/Steven Porter remix) [Semantica]
    Subjected – Untitled [Vault Series] / [Vault 08]
    Cub – C U 1 (UST remix) [Cub]
    Orphx – Compulsion [Hands]
    Alva Noto – Uni Acronym [Raster Noton]
    Regis – Blinding Horses [Blackest Ever Black]
    Cio D’Or – Organza (Milton Bradley remix) [Prologue]
    Imaginary Forces – Old Rituals [dub]
    Cio D’Or – Magnetfluss (Milton Bradley remix) [Prologue]
    Casual Violence – Cardinal [dub]
    Casual Violence – Thought And Language [dub]
    Delusions – Untitled (Svreca remix) [Ballistic]
    Regis – White Stains [Downwards]
    Regis – Purification [Downwards]
    Raidho – Reodan [Rune]
    Whitehouse – Why You Never Became A Dancer [Very Friendly]
    Destroy Aliens – Untitled [Destroy Aliens]
    Sandwell District – Svar [Sandwell District]
    Sigha – Drown [Hotflush]
    Jeff Pietro – Still [Borrowed Language]
    Allan Nonamaka – Without Control [Fervent]
    Planetary Assault Systems – Call From The East [Ostgut Ton]
    Jeff Mills – The Industry Of Dreams [Axis]
    Milton Bradley – Escaped From The Dark [Zooloft]
    Siege – Aftermath Contrast [dub]
    Orphx – Preta Loka [Sonic Groove]
    Emptyset – Aleph [Caravan Recordings]

    This week we present the dark techno lord of Manchester: Casual Violence.

    Any of you into the darker realms of techno will already know just who CV is and just what he can do with sound. For those of you who have perhaps heard the name but are unfamiliar with the sound, prepare for a session to blow your mind.

    Hailing from Manchester UK, Casual Violence has a formidable reputation for dark, deep and visceral techno built on a base of rhythmic industrial. Slow builds, walls of texture, atmospheric drone and an ever present discourse of grind progression. His track selection is always on point and I don’t think there has been a single CV mix I’ve heard that I haven’t then spent the following day hunting down tracks he programmed. His exclusive session for Mantis Radio is no different.

    His work has seen release on some of the scene’s most respected underground labels. Voidloss’s Singularity, Dutch label Aftertase (who released his phenomenal [ame=

    External Content www.youtube.com
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    Sexual[/ame] track), Rodz Konez, Biomechanics, Subsist and Duality Recs.

    The work of one man with a clear vision of purpose, not bending to convention or popular consensus, instead choosing to carve his own unique sonic path of destruction.


    Currently he’s working on a new album Ashes These, scheduled for completion and release around September on his own Maieutics Music imprint together with an EP to accompany the album. Also forthcoming on Maieutics. Back in January CV put together a large collection of his recent original and remix work which is one of the best places to start with bringing his sound into your collection.


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  • Mantis Radio 113 + Phat Chex
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    Imploded View – Across The Snow [Psychonavigation Records]
    Enoruos – Yggdrasil [Spiritech Recordings]
    nim – Down [nim]
    Swarm Intelligence – Something Broken [Swarm Intelligence]
    C Mantle – Blackboard Jungle [Digital Distortions]
    kid606 – New boss same as old boss [Tigerbeat6]
    Roger Robinson – Spaceship [dub]
    Imaginary Forces – The Last Mimesis [Sleep Codes]
    Forward Strategy Group – Elegant Mistakes [Perc Trax]
    Untold – Overdrive [Hemlock]
    + Speedy J – Snap [Speedy J]
    Unam Zetineb – Twishots (Voidloss Blacker than pitch mix) [Voidloss]
    VC-118A – Antenna Forest [Lunar Disko]
    Actress – ShockTherapy101 [Dummy]
    Death Abyss – Destroy the Mundane [Rods Konez]
    George Lanham – Rationale for Revenge [Pareto Park]
    Jon Convex – What I Need feat. Velvit [Convex Industries]
    Mr Jones – Black Rainbow [The Public Stand]
    Mad-Tek – Get Down [Digital Distortions]
    Human Resource - Dominator (AGT Rave Cru Unofficial Remix) [AGT Rave Cru]
    Dan Fix – Anti Wax [Digital Distortions]
    Threnody – Squarewave Rhythm [dub]
    SD Laika – 36 [XLR8R]
    Ion Driver – Turn It Up [Digital Distortions]

    Corticyte – Impulse 101
    Pip Williams – I won’t let go
    Trevino – Indulge
    Bambounou – Deepstaria
    Ben Milstein – Pulser
    Al Tourette’s – untitled
    Jon Convex – Desolation
    Phat Chex – Uncertain Future [Darkfloor Sound]
    Untold – Overdrive
    Banbounou – Chrome
    Phat Chex – Puxton Bridge [Darkfloor Sound]

    In a somewhat predictable move on our part, being that he is our first Darkfloor Sound artist; tonight’s showcase session is from Phat Chex.

    the showcase
    Fresh from launching the debut CD/EP for our record label Darkfloor Sound, and following up his superb 2 hour session at Darkfloor Live on August 3rd, Chex has recorded us an exclusive session for the show.

    The producer and DJ should be no stranger to our regular listeners. His tracks have been cropping up on the show over the past 18 months, always to a great response. Having his debut CD EP now out is a mighty feeling of pride.

    Based down in Plymouth, Ben Pooley isn’t only attracting attention from the Darkfloor hive. Recently he was included on the milestone 10th release for London’s Pyramid Transmissions on their double vinyl comp: Interstellar Communications Vol 1.

    His housier sound is forthcoming on Bristol’s Applepips imprint with a double sided 12″.

    When he’s not pushing his machines and his studio into the bass rich electro strains and beyond he’s a very fine selector and DJ as his showcase session tonight will continue to illustrate; I’m not kidding when I say his Darkfloor Live appearance a few weeks back was very special.

    That recording will be surfacing soon on the Darkfloor in Session podcast.

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  • Mantis Radio 114 + Aural Sects
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    Tmavy Kruh – Starmill [Radiodrone Records]
    Mark Fell – SOA-5 [Editions Mego]
    NGUZUNGUZU – Smoke Alarm (AAIMON remix) [AAIMON]
    Exium – Resetor [Audio Assault]
    Mr O – Stromboli Revisited [Motech Records]
    Marcel Dettmann – Deluge [50 Weapons]
    VCMG – Aftermaths (LFO remix) [Novamute]
    Mazzula – Weather Wash [Mazzula]
    T. Linder – Broken Border [Motech Records]
    Exium – Cloner [Audio Assault]
    Robert Pain – Disappearing in Time (string version) [Robert Pain]
    vacated – rm2 [dub]
    David Meiser – Transcending Your Fears [dub]
    Musical Mob – Pulse X [Inspired Sounds Records]
    Spookhouse – Nightmares on Cross Ave [dub]
    TRO – Break It Down [Furioso]
    Wirewound – Wiretap [Stasis Records]
    Alexander Robotnick – Submarine [Hot Elephant Music]
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells Pt1 (FineCutBodies’ martian detritus journey) [FineCutBodies]

    Rachel Haircut – Drench.Sf2 (Reserve EP, 2012)
    Fifty Grand – O Jewel! O Valuable! (Fifty Grand, 2012)
    Signs – Artillery (Banana Clip EP, 2012)
    MADDEN – II (VACANT, 2012)
    Spell Hound – Y O U R (Spell Hound, 2012)
    DJ Deathray – Aurora (Neus, 2012)
    Aparition – Send to You (Apocryphal Receptivity, 2012)

    From our inaugural Darkfloor Sound artist Phat Chex to this week and the prolific netlabel and beyond Aural Sects.

    the showcase
    An independent record label, run by musicians as a collective. Aural Sects focus on various forms of modern dark electronic music; witch house, juke, weird electro and bizarre pop. The majority of their output is available as free downloads, right from the start they wanted to keep it that way.

    Tonight’s mix was compiled and mixed by the labels co-founder Bunny aka Pe† Ceme†ery. What’s going on with Sects at the moment I asked:
    We’ve got releases from Spell Hound, MADDEN, Peachblack and VS//YOUTHCLUB forthcoming, and at the moment we’re really trying to push for more recognition for the Rachel Haircut EP we just put out.
    It’s like experiencing time compression of the last 20 years of dance musics (garage, uk bass, 90s pop dance etc).

    The label does occasional physical CDs as the latest from WITCHBOY LE UNVIERSE PERVERSE an expansive concept album exemplifies. SWASTIQUE taken from that album is featured on tonight’s showcase mix.

    And of tonight’s mix, well it’s certainly different; multi faceted and colourful. If anything it aptly shows the range of sounds Aural Sects unleash.

    Strap in, we’re going to the other side.

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  • Mantis Radio 115 + Simplicity is Beauty
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    Wu-Tang Clan – Uzi (DVF Remix) [dub]
    He3dless – Straight [Mindtrick Records]
    Dr Octagon – Aliens (Kalbata remix) [dub]
    Ruxpin – Snegurochka [Anti-Social Network]
    ESS – She vanished to the Hyperbelt [dub]
    Phat Chex – Inner Heartbeat [dub]
    Ruskin & Broom – D.O.D [Blueprint]
    Positive Merge – Point Of Beginning [Energun]
    Sigma Zigurat – Mechanic [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Dekode – Black Cell [Anti-Social Network]
    Adam Jay + DJ Shiva – Capsaicin [Sonic Convergence]
    Oliver Kucera – Stand Your Ground [Cicuta Netlabel]
    OGB – Frogs Sporn [Anti-Social Network]
    Chrome & Schmidt – Eclipse [Maschinen Musik]
    C Mantle – We Care Because They Don’t [Anti-Social Network]
    puresthatred – mutant disco [Darkfloor]
    Bok Bok – Silo Pass (Sir Spyro remix) [Night Slugs]
    Ghostek – Navigate (Sclist Mix) [dub]
    Lorn – Weigh Me Down [Ninja Tune]
    Schmidt & Chrome – EBM (Blackmass Plastics remix) [Maschinen Musik]
    The Mover – For No Ones Eyes [Tresor]

    SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY ‘cut up, fucked up’
    Gil Melle/Metromedia Producers Corporation – Future Shock Intro
    Kraftwerk – Showroom Dummies
    Material – Don’t Lose Control
    A Number Of Names/The Dirtbombs – Sharevari
    DeFeKT – Sunseq
    Analord – Boxing Day
    Chromezone – Colonial Outpost
    Simplicity Is Beauty – Telemachus (Djamel remix)
    Adam Jay – Inward
    Stakker – Eurotekno (track 9)
    Metromedia Producers Corporation – Future Shock Interlude
    Stakker – Eurotekno (track 20)
    AnD – Stellar
    Nitzer Ebb – Family Man
    Noir Deco – Charged And Ready
    Simplicity Is Beauty – Pressure
    Joy Division – No Love Lost
    Gil Melle/Metromedia Producers Corporation – Future Shock End

    This week we welcome Simplicity is Beauty; the work of one Kent based Jason Courtney.

    the showcase
    I was first introduced to his work via Rolf Mulder’s The Public Stand and his label’s July’s release of Operator’s Manual. Quite the introduction. Proper deep business on that opener, it should be knee deep in film imagery.

    As I do with every guest on Mantis I asked Jason if he’d give us an insight of his music to this point. He kept things brief:

    I’m just a music fan, trying to write some of his own.
    Recent airplay and support from Dave Clarke, BBC 6 Music, Laurent Garnier, The Hacker, Arnaud Rebotini, The Public Stand and Darkfloor.

    He did also provide an introduction to tonight’s mix, which as the following will express expect a diverse selection:

    Welcome to ‘Cut Up, Fucked Up’; a selection of stuff I like, sliced, diced, punked and funked. Sometimes brutal, sometimes beautiful.
    Warning, purists may not like everything they hear.

    Personally, I’ve never given a fuck about genres, if I like it… I like it. Hope you do too. Cheers for listening.

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  • Mantis Radio 116 + Somatic Responses
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    Paul Blackford – Directive 4 [Battery Park Studio]
    om unit – Ulysses VIP [Om Unit]
    Borealis – Coal Angels [Origami Sound]
    Deadbeat – Yard [BLKRTZ]
    Rachel Haircut – Drench.Sf2 [Aural Sects]
    Ghosts on Tape – No Go [Icee Hot]
    Volor Flex – Pressure [Apollo]
    Terrence Dixon – Fountain of Life [Tresor]
    Barker & Baumecker – 10Silo [Ostgut]
    Robert Pain – Testing the Bombs [Robert Pain]
    Ingen – TRYC9 [Digital Distortions]
    Chairman Kato – Yeah You’re Right pt.1 [Shades of Grey]
    XZICD – Melyridae [XZICD]
    Randomer – Nar [Hemlock]
    Trevino – Under Surveillance [Apple Pips]
    Radioactive Man – Itisanditisnt (Tipper remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
    Ingen – Downstairs Mixup [Digital Distortions]
    Adam Jay + DJ Shiva – Capsaicin [Sonic Convergence]
    Unam Zetineb – Twishots (Voidloss Blacker than pitch mix) [Voidloss]
    Volor Flex – The Conspiracy [Apollo]
    Recondite – DRGN [Hotflush]

    Somatic Responses – Carousel (extract)
    Somatic Responses – Gemini 8 (Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) sample)
    Somatic Responses – Back Home
    Somatic Responses – Oddityditty
    Somatic Responses – Basic Organism
    Somatic Responses – Tethys near collision
    Somatic Responses – Casineb Peiriant (Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) fucked up sample)
    Somatic Responses – Old Photos (Blade Runner sample)
    Somatic Responses – Sleep Furiously
    Somatic Responses – Wormhole
    Somatic Responses – A man is whatever room he is in
    Somatic Responses – Sleep Memory
    Somatic Responses – Veneers (Moog Array)
    Somatic Responses – How the Dead dream
    Somatic Responses – Repititive/Destructive

    This week we welcome a duo who will need little introduction: Somatic Responses.

    the showcase
    Welsh brothers John and Paul Healy aka Somatic Responses have been releasing their particular brand of aural assault since the mid 90s yet in that time have always pushed their sounds forward.

    Known for their heavy breakcore IDM acid sound more than their beatless ambient, they are, nevertheless a talented and prolific pair of musicians.

    Recent releases have been pushed through Hymen, Acroplane, Ad Noiseam, Viral Conspiracy Records and their own Photon Emissions label amongst many others.

    Their new album Tachyon Attack drops next week, October 8th on Dark. Descent.

    For their first of 2 sessions for Mantis Radio, tonight they present a 100% unreleased and exclusive ambient session.

    Paul Healy:
    First off. Thanks for listening to this mix. Most people who know our music know that we have produced a lot of hard broken beat stuff over the years. From our early love of music, ambient (for want of a better term) always figured strongly within our influences. As time passed we’ve started to explore that love more and more.

    This mix is a way of getting our ambient stuff out there. We aren’t really sure if any labels will be interested or in fact what labels it may sit well with (any ideas get in touch). The music itself ranges from scifi soundscapes, pianos, welsh choir samples and horror soundtrack styles. Everything was produced within logic using various effects and plugin synths and on the whole it’s all quite heavily processed.

    Hopefully the use of bass in ambient music comes across as it’s an important aspect. We would really like to hear the feedback from this, any questions please aim them at our Facebookor Twitter feed!

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  • Mantis Radio 117 + Scape One
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    Coefficient – Opaque Coherence [Labrynth]
    Basis – Ki x Sorrow 1 [Basis]
    Global Goon – Energy Owl [Global Goon]
    Imaginary Forces – A Meaningless Gesture [Sleep Codes]
    Nil – Upbiringing (Tomohiko Sagae remix) [HueHelix]
    Gary Beck – Naptha [Soma Records]
    Vegim – You Are Lost (Rusk remix) [Capital Techno Rec.]
    BMB (British Murder Boys) – In Another Country [Liberation Technologies]
    Chairman Kato – Yeah You’re Right pt.1 [Shades of Grey]
    Ingen – Downstairs Mixup [Digital Distortions]
    Energun – Upgrade black white [Energun]
    Ry + Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Ame remix) [Innervisions]
    Aquarian – Obsidian (Randomer remix) [UNO NYC.]
    Steel Grooves – Activist [Sonic Convergence]
    Bas Mooy – Nastase (Developer remix 02) [Audio Assault]
    Happa – Bring It Back [Church]
    Wellbelove – Dark Sun [Cue Burn Digital]
    BMB (British Murder Boys) – Dead Sun [Liberation Technologies]

    Tau Sagittarii – Insignificant Form of Life [Live]
    Solar Fields – Discovering [Ultimae Records]
    Carsten Jost – Chateau Jalousie [Dial]
    Kurt Baggaley – Simple Explanations [The Bohemian Club]
    Tau Sagittarii – Proteus 4 [Live]
    Donnacha Costello – It Simply is [Minimise]
    Public Transport – Skywave [Soundcloud]
    Tau Sagittarii – You Have Named this Process Evolution [Live]
    Kurt Baggaley – Line of Sight [Stem]
    Tau Sagittarii – More Details Please
    Hol Baumann – A forgotten Ritual [Ultimae Records]
    Tau Sagittarii – See Beyond His Own Time [Live]
    Scape One – The hydrogen Line [Unreleased]
    Tau Sagittarii – Put to Sleep

    This week we present a legend of UK electro: Scape One.

    the showcase
    Anyone with even a passing interest in electro will have encountered the name Scape One; synonymous as it is with machine built electro.

    The work of English producer Kurt Baggaley, a musician who has been writing music since the 80s and throughout the years his work has been produced using proper analog hardware (mostly).

    Rising to his prominent status on labels SCSI-AV, Electrix, World Electric and Templedog amongst many others under his most popular and much loved guise Scape One; Baggaley continues to push electro alongside various other recordings projects.

    These include a recent release on Italo label HotMix under his own name and his recently launched Tau Sagittarii project; deep space themes with experimental electronic scores.

    Baggaley has a wealth of new material available: Tau Sagittarii – Sensory Data on Mehanika; Kurt Baggaley – Natural Phases for The Bohemian Club; Stem’s Kurt Baggaley/Scape One EP; and the aforementioned Kurt Baggaley – Family Resemblance for HotMix.

    Also in the wings, ready to drop soon are a further two Scape One EPs on labels Electrix and Acidlab.

    A prolific and essential part of electro both in the UK and on the ever popular global underground. Ladies and gentleman, Mantis Radio presents Scape One.

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  • Mantis Radio 118 + Ekman
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    Loops Haunt – ZENITH [Black Acre]
    Separation Device – Synaptic Inputs [dub]
    Warlock – Ghetto People [Rag + Bone]
    Sturqen – Bowav [Sturqen]
    Hreno – Idle Hands [Sound Architecture]
    Death Grips – Pop [Death Grips]
    c_c – NNNNN [Bedroom Research]
    Lucy – Finnegan [Curle Recordings]
    Andy Stott – Up The Box [Modern Love]
    Duskky – Wendigo [Broken Bubble]
    Jam City – The Courts (12″ mix) [Night Slugs]
    Arkist – Spiderdrudge [Inhale Audio]
    Blawan – His Money [Hinge Finger]
    Snap-9A – Foneis Tou Kosmou [Armatura Bonus]
    Dare + Haste – Residual Image Of Detroit (Jake Conlon remix) [Pareto Park]
    DIL23 – Bug Catcher (Laica remix) [dub]
    Jay Mas – Stella Hangover (Mazzula remix) [dub]
    the wee djs – March 30 [thismachineisbroken]
    Pinion – Mirv7 [Perc Trax]
    Simplicity is Beauty – Fragments [dub]
    Section.8 – Cylinder [Sub Pressure]
    Lakker – Ciar [Blueprint]

    Ekman – Cosmic Acceleration
    Ekman – Missing Satellite Problem
    Ekman – Schwarzschild Radius
    Ekman – Frequency Is Matter
    from “M.S.P.” CD (Missing Satellite Problem) Solar One Music release February / March 2013
    Ekman – Tessellation Automata [Abstract Forms]
    from “Tessellation Automata” EP on Abstract Forms, release October 2012
    Ekman – Thinking Without Sound
    from “Datafunk series” V/A on Abstract Forms, release coming up
    Ekman – Eaters Of Light
    Ekman – At The Gates Of Ishtar [dub]
    Ekman – Antennas Overture [Panzerkreuz / Bunker]
    Ekman – Anomie [demo]

    This week we welcome to Mantis Radio the Dutch electro of Roel Dijcks aka Ekman.

    the showcase
    Keeping his bio short, it rolls simply as:
    Counterfeiting reality since 1981

    His mix features all his own work with several tracks taken from forthcoming releases. These include his Tesselation Automata EP on Abstract Forms, due for release next month. Next year he has so far 2 releases scheduled for February: his M.S.P. CD album coming on Solar One Music and his Reform 12″ on Berceuse Heroique.

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  • Mantis Radio 119 + Makaton
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    Logical Disorder – Help Me [++sensor]
    Vampire Slayer – Internet Celebrity [BLWBCK]
    AlgoRythmiK – Insomnia [Jarring Effects]
    P-Hocto – Jumpgate [Takeover Recordings]
    City of Machine – Mentally Unstable [Energun]
    Kwartz – Silence Turns to Violence [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Mark Reeve – Fear [Soma Records]
    Tim Wolff – Quotum (Ben Sims remix) [Bulletdodge Records]
    Patscan – Stum Futter (Mad-Tek remix) [Digital Distortions]
    Go Hiyama – Woman Curve [HueHelix]
    Mazzula – Photons (Ryogo Yamamori remix) [Mazzula]
    Ctrls – Evident Mechanics 002 [Token]
    Kawatin – Hey (Kawatin’s Camshaft remix) [Ricochet Records]
    Dr Schmidt – Aminopenta [Maschinen Musik]
    James Priestley + Marco Antonio – Speed (Trevino remix) [Secret Sundaze Music]
    Radial – Vandal [Audio Assault]
    C Mantle – Congener 3 [Acre Recordings]
    DJ Ford Foster – Ugly Weather [Western Panorama Recordings]
    Valta ft Mudimbi – Colera (Koloah remix) [UK Trendz]
    D4F4K3-P4ND4 – BUG(s) [D4F4K3-P4ND4]
    Radioactive Man – Incoming! (DJ Stingray remix) [Wang Trax]

    Tomohiko Sagae – Cold Chamber (Makaton remake)
    Tomohiko Sagae – Deburring (Makaton / Paul Damage) Wasps Mix
    Girls Revenge – Teen Slasher
    Death Abyss – The Magic Of Defiance (Girls Revenge Disco Hospital Mix)
    Girls Revenge – Watch You Burn
    Death Abyss – Love Is A Weakness (Mark Broom remix)
    Death Abyss – Thee Grey Book
    Death Abyss – Come As The Reaper And Thus You Will Sow (Israel Vines remix)
    Death Abyss – Stop Thinking, Increase Consumption (Makaton remix)
    Death Abyss – Come As The Reaper And Thus You Will Sow (Makaton remake)
    Tomohiko Sagae – Arsenic (Makaton remake)
    Tomohiko Sagae – Sodium Cyanide (Datamine – Extraction Mix)
    Makaton – Le Tenia
    Death Abyss – Stop Thinking, Increase Consumption
    Datamine – Checksum
    Tomohiko Sagae – Rebar Cutter (Makaton remake)

    We return, heading to to Birmingham, the home for many of British techno. To present a rare recording from Rodz Konez label boss: Makaton.

    the showcase
    Well respected, and rightly so, in techno circles and beyond, the work of Steve Bailey’s Makaton and his label is a standard of techno to which others have been measured for well over a decade.

    His discography may not be the biggest in the tomes of techno but what is available is focused, direct, dark, heavy, often uncompromising, but always damn fine work with that experimental, driving edge.

    Arguably, the recently made digitally available 2 Jags, is the classic track in his body of work.

    For the past few years Bailey has been focusing more on his, indispensable for any self confessed techno DJ label, Rodz Konez.

    Presenting to the world the work of Regis, Fumiya Tanaka, The 65D Mavericks, Female, Paul Damage, Harvey Lane, Inigo Kennedy, Max Duley, Olga+Jozef, Datamine, Tomohiko Sagae, Death Abyss and Girls Revenge. In particular the work of Death Abyss set a new standard in the dark strains of fractured techno with last years phenomenal album (and Darkfloor favourite) Dominate Through Will.

    We remain enraptured by the work of the mysterious producer/s behind the Death Abyss alias.

    His exclusive session for Mantis Radio presents his label, his sound and marks the beginning of a return to the forefront of the club as he readies his live PA for a return to dancefloors next year. Details on that when we have them.

    Until then he continues to push fresh sounds in techno as the label’s latest from the newest addition to the crew: Girls Revenge drops next month (December 3rd).

    Hits Tits Lips 30HZ Power is a two track release presenting bass rich, deeper leanings and it should be on your Christmas list.

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  • Mantis Radio 120 + Ingen
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    Si Begg – Freaking Out [Noodles Recordings]
    Alis – Maze [Opit Records]
    Der Zyklus – Untitled [Wémè Records]
    Indigo – Sunrise [Apollo]
    Delete – Is That You [Mindtrick Records]
    Dettmann – Iso [Ostgut Ton]
    Allan Nonamaka – Tangled Cravings [Singularity]
    Blackmass Plastics – Bust It [Bad Sekta]
    Phat Chex – Shrunken Heads [Darkfloor Sound]
    Legowelt – Sketches from Another Century [Clone]
    Lex Gorrie – Impending Doom (Sutter Cane remix) [Driving Forces]
    Seb Marx – agro [dub]
    Substep Infrabass – I Aesepthism (Infra remix) [Crude Records]
    ONTAL – Disorientation [Darkfloor Sound]
    Datacrashrobot – Decompiler Surge [Battery Park Studios]
    Clouds -Those Cracks In Your Face, Do They Hurt (Truss remix) [Turbo]
    MPIA3 – Acid Badger [R+S]
    Paul Birken and Freddy Fresh – The Fate of Thirty Eight [Earwiggle]
    Threnody – Depth [dub]
    Si Begg – Fight To The Death [Noodles Recordings]

    Ingen – He get’s fed at Home [dub]
    Savier – Alright Moldies (Ingen Rubber Grip Kick mix) [dub]
    Black Motif – Spijkermat (Ingen demo remix) [dub]
    Ingen – Roof Thumper [dub]
    Audiocharge – K-Cat (Ingen remix) [Wired Room Records]
    Ingen – Help Yourself [dub]
    Ingen – Fixy [Fixate Records]
    Raymond Sieben – Fuck Finger (Ingen remix) [Fixate Records]
    Ingen – Nation Street [Fixate Records]
    Ingen – Subway [dub]
    Ingen – Snap the Tilt [Digital Distortions]
    Ingen – Lusher [Digital Distortions]
    Ingen – TRYC9 [Digital Distortions]
    Ingen – Downstairs Mixup [Digital Distortions]

    This week on Mantis Radio we present Edinburgh’s Kevin Blackwood aka Ingen. We have also have a competition for 2 lucky people to each win a copy of Bambounou’s Orbiting and Mouse on Mars’ Wow.

    the showcase
    Producing music since 2005, it’s today in 2012 that he’s starting to understand where his compulsion has come from and why he’s into producing the sounds he does.

    Putting together his showcase session for Mantis Radio, a session made up of his own production work no less, has allowed Blackwood to reflect on his studio approach, an approach he says ‘sounds clearly different from my DJ sets. Darker, harder and more driven.’

    By means of an example, a recent recording of him DJing at his residency at Coalition, Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.

    ‘I try to approach music making with an open mind. Always trying to work in ideas from all walks of life’.

    His work has seen release on Leeds mighty imprint: Digital Distortions, a label ‘which for a long time has been one of my favourite underground labels, DD are a great portal for my more broken/offbeat work’.

    His recent 3 track Lusher EP proving to be a favourite here at the Darkfloor hive.

    Alongside that is his ‘Griefection‘ two track release for home grown local label Fixate, where upon Blackwood goes for a much more four to the floor style.

    For a chance to win both a CD of Bambounou’s Orbiting and Mouse on Mars’ Wow on 50 Weapons and Monkeytown Records respectively, listen back to the show and answer the very easy question, then get in touch.

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  • Mantis Radio 122 + Somatic Responses
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    Wraetlic – Skinflint [Convex Industries]
    TM404 – 303 303 303 303 707 808 [Kontra-musik]
    Synkro – Recognition [Apollo]
    The Inner Shore – Subtle Elevation [Textural Records]
    Mike Shannon – Made in Belgrade [Exone]
    Levon Vincent – Together Forever [Novel Sound]
    Phat Chex – Raymondo the 5th [dub]
    Freddy Fresh – Years Back [Earwiggle]
    Pev + Kowton – Raw Code [Hessle Audio]
    Ryuji Takeuchi – All Doors Closed [HueHelix]
    Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (ad lib remix) [dub]
    Bandshell – Nice Mullet [Liberation Technologies]
    Quartersized – Blacken The Sky [Quartersized]
    CWS – Society [Labrynth]
    CWS – Crash then Burn [Labrynth]
    Dead Sound – Bring it up a little [DSNT]
    Grown Folk – Keep Few Near (Ghosts on Tape remix) [Icee Hot Records]
    Ryuji Takeuchi – Geradeaus [HueHelix]
    Radionasty – I Had To Spank You [Tortured]
    Lakker – Deathmask [LoveLove Records]
    Bandshell – Winton [Liberation Technologies]

    Somatic Responses – Room 237
    Somatic Responses – Strange Futures
    Somatic Responses – The Illusion Of Control
    Somatic Responses – Chaos Prediction
    Somatic Responses – Newflesh Metalskin
    Somatic Responses – Reverse Engineering
    Somatic Responses – Molypuq Work Out
    Somatic Responses – Puny God
    Somatic Responses – Frea Chamber
    Somatic Responses – Warnung Breaks
    Somatic Responses – Quartz Riot
    Somatic Responses – Ultrabeatmasterbator

    The Welsh duo make a welcome return to Mantis Radio, this time unleashing their trademark filth with a ‘hard’ mix.
    the showcase

    Brothers Paul and John Healy first graced the show back in early October 2012, recording an exclusive ambient session for us. On tonight’s show they present the sound they made their name with: namely hard, dark and at times brutal electronics.

    The duo remain ever prolific in their studio work, with their latest, the Puny God LP having dropped this past Friday. Ten tracks of in your face machine grind.

    And then there is their remix of Resurrection by Fire at Work which saw release back in December.

    For more on the pair, head to their SoundCloud, Twitter and Bandcamp profiles.

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  • Mantis Radio 123 + VNDL
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    Dauwd – Aqueous [Ghostly International]
    Nadia Sirota – Tristan Da Cunha [Bedroom Community]
    Drexciya – The Countdown Has Begun [Clone]
    Xenia Beliayeva – Surrender (George Lanham remix) [Engineroom]
    Player – Player 029 B1 [Player]
    Chris Liven – Space Scraper (Concrete DJz remix) [Armatura Records]
    The Uncowl – Fired up [Fullfridge]
    InnerCystem – ThreeZero (Madverse Descent remix) [xe:tech:no]
    Bebop & Rocksteady – Benefit [Bonus Round]
    Yaporigami – Viz [+MUS]
    Derlich – Vandal [dub]
    Mondkopf – No Icons [Perc Trax]
    RQ – the great palace of cold [RQ]
    Patscan – Shnumbers (Ursa remix) [Ricochet Records]
    Bebop & Rocksteady – Rubber Sophie (Jerome Hill Stripped Back remix) [Bonus Round]
    Player – Player 012 A1 Remix [Player]
    ENOCH – Hype Infinite (Here It Comes) [ENOCH]
    Stormfield – Rebuild (DeFeKt remix) [Combat Recordings]
    Anthony Child – NNA Tapes side 2 (excerpt) [NNA Tapes]

    all sound by VNDL and coming in 2013 on Hymen, Camomille, Abstrakt Reflections and Interakt Records.

    / #122 /
    On Mantis Radio tonight we present the sound of VNDL; Montreal’s Philippe Vandal.

    He came to my attention through a recommendation from Danny, one half of London’s electro with ideas duo Flint Kids. Suitably impressed I’ve invited him to record a showcase session mix for tonight’s show.

    Philippe is relatively fresh on the scene with his first release seeing the light back in 2011 on Argentina’s Abstrakt Reflections. A six track EP offering, Something For Someone is IDM flourishes and crunchy percussion with modern classical, droned glitches, dubbed resonators and fuzz. It is a sound more mature than his young years and a strong debut.

    2012 saw him step up to release on the mighty and legendary noise label Hymen – Gahrena: Paysages Électriques. An album length work that built on the earlier Something For Someone, exploring the organic electronics he introduced us to. Igloo magazine described Gahrena as

    Processed and organic guitar strings flash between selected tracks as field recordings are manipulated subtly and driven through loops of ambient, post-noise fluttering. Static buzzing, electrical clicks, pops and whirs are surrounded by scraped layers of ambience.

    Glitch is counterbalanced with contorted bass, alien landscapes, layered and abstract tonal shifts as VNDL unravels obscured musical passages.

    This year he already has a follow-up scheduled for Hymen; a further EP on Abstrakt Reflections and a “very guitaristic” EP forthcoming on Montreal’s Camomile.

    Philippe has been shortlisted in the Discovery category for France’s Quartz Music Awards held April 4 at Paris’ La Machine du Moulin Rouge. Check out his nominated track and send a vote his way. Voting ends Feb 28th.

    His session tonight promises to be a deep and out there experience of electronica.

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  • Mantis Radio 126 + Ontal

    Gore Tech – Dubwar [Ad Noiseam]
    Underhill – Rivers Of Hades (Lake Of Fire remix by Gore Tech) [Ad Noiseam]
    K-not – Brutalism (feat. Lucidstatic) [CRL Studios]
    Nine Inch Nails – The Beginning of the End (Nonimx) [Mitoma Industries]
    Seperation Device – Metal Implant [CRL Studios]
    (a is to b) – Bela Lugosi Is Dead [Black Lantern Music]
    Voivat – Absorption [amplified .music .pollution]
    EOMAC – Stylised and Desensitised [Killekill]
    Graze – The Sust [New Kanada]
    Mslwte – Break [Noize Facility Records]
    Calculated Chaos – Amazon Grime [dub]
    Dread D – No Heart (8bar Dub) [dub]
    Thorpey – Acid Trek (Blackmass Plastics remix) [Mutant Bass Records]
    Black Asteroids – Black Acid (Alva Noto Remodel) [Electric Deluxe]
    The Black Dog – Broken Mind [Dust Science]
    Amit – Acid Trip [Tempa]
    A-Brothers – 1970 (Tex-Rec Tool) [Driving Forces]
    Positive Merge – Untouchable [Monochrome Audio]
    Voidloss – Hypnotic Series 15 [dub]
    Ingen – The User Always Comes First [Digital Distortions]
    xxxy – Progression [Ten Thousand Yen]
    Hadji – Reservoir Dog Whisperer [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Black Asteroids – Black Acid (Perc remix) [Electric Deluxe]
    Ore – Four Pins [Civil]
    Petrichor – Royston Rain [Soma Records]

    exclusive live PA

    On the show this week I’ve the greatest of pleasure in welcoming Ontal.

    As their debut 12″ Output EP edges ever closer on our Darkfloor Sound label (early April) we had to get the Serbian duo of Boris Noiz and Darko Dekode in for something special. What I have is 50 minutes of sharp, industrially textured rhythmic noise that is both intense and stunning.

    Formed in November 2011 and influenced by numerous music genres, their sound can be described as an uncompromising, hard and intense assault. Breathing new life in the industrial strains of techno and the darker realms of the dancefloor and mind.

    Already receiving support and praise from Surgeon and Perc this duo are one to watch. The attention to detail in their sound is quite something. Are you ready for the brutal battering contained within?

    Their Output EP (DRKFLR002) will be released shortly on limited 12″ vinyl (x200) and digital formats.


  • Mantis Radio 128 + Kawatin
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    Wolf Eyes – Born Liar [De Stijl Records]
    Prodigy – Firestarter (Death Grips remix) [Death Grips]
    Stazma the Junglist – Eyes Bleed Acid (Electromeca remix) [Acroplane]
    Harmonic313 – Lion feat Trim [Warp]
    Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP [Osiris]
    Echologist – More Instinct [Prologue]
    Miles – Status Narcissism [Modern Love]
    Baby Ford and Eon – Dead Eye [Plus8]
    Mike Parker – Mnajdra [Geophone]
    Original Console Generation – [Vocode Records]
    Hefty – Deserted Parkland [Armatura Records]
    EDMX – Cerberus [Power Vacuum]
    Global Goon – Bewd’s Recipricol [The Centrifuge]
    Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Lucy remix 1) [Mote Evolver]
    AnD – Not A Sheep [Inner Surface Music]
    Ontal – Output [Darkfloor Sound]
    D’Arcangelo – MHIA [The Centrifuge]
    Rivet – Vermont [Naked Index]
    Simplicity is Beauty – Heavy Industry [Lasergum]
    Blackmass Plastics – Ok Ozzy [Western Panorama Recordings]
    Matt Whitehead – A Is For Acid (MPIA3 Definition) [Perc Trax Ltd.]
    _Unsubscribe_ – Spek Hondje [Houndstooth]

    Culture Cruncher (Si Begg) vs Michael Jackson – The End [Noodles Research]
    Cursor Miner – Baby Universe [Noodles Institute of Technology]
    Kawatin – Antisocial Activism [Ricochet Records]
    Tipper – Subalicious [Fuel Records]
    TRO – Werkflow (Kawatin remix) [VIM Records]
    Jnr Hacksaw – How’s Your Modulation? [Trigger]
    Vital Substance – Drop Kick (The VSub Re-rub) [Systematica Records]
    Jason Sparks – Don’t I Feel (Soto remix) [Botchit + Scarper]
    Senor Frio – Sub Noctem (Ion Driver remix) [Digital Distortions]
    Brian Aneurysm, Chrisy Jordan – Dear Father (Freaky Chakra remix) [Ironbox]
    Kawatin – Feel [Glack Audio]
    Ferdy – Home Coming (Pole Folder remix) [Particles]
    Frogger – Killa [Unknown]
    Radioactive Man – Airlock [Rotters Golf Club]

    / #128 /
    Spring finally arrives to England and with it on tonight’s Mantis Radio we present Kawatin.

    Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Hirotaka Kawano (Kawatin) is, it’s fair to say, quite the impressive one in the studio. A slew of original work and remixes already behind him, his is a sound of immersive broken tech bass.

    Releases on Ricochet Records, Glack Audio and Rune Recordings sit with remix work for, amongst others Si Begg’s Noodle Recordings; most recently on the mammoth UFO Remixes project. His work always with that deep psychedelic slant, often packaged into a deft cerebral force of driving sonic frequencies and electro tendencies.

    It was Si Begg who first put me on to Kawano’s sound; back in 2006. Shortly after his debut Play The Funk EP on Play Recordings, it was his On The Rice remix of Begg’s My Style that quickly caught my ear.

    After a wealth of EPs his first album proper, K-Truck, arrived in October last year on London’s Ricochet Records imprint together with the more chilled offering of Recovery of Lost Function, released earlier in the year on Ukrainian label Rune Chill Recordings.

    ..the music from this japanese artist is totally unpredictable. In his own way – alert and hypnotic… – ClubbingSpain

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  • Mantis Radio 135 + Go Hiyama
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    dBridge + Skeptikal – Move Way [R+S]
    Ancient Methods – Guardians of an Eternal Bliss [Unknown Precept]
    Ricardo Tobar – If I Love You (Samuel Kerridge remix) [Desire Records]
    South London Ordnance – Modular Splash (Factory Floor – NVC remix) [Aery Metals]
    Afriqua – Tanz [F4TMusic]
    Peter Van Hoesen – To Alter A Vector (Ø [Phase] remix) [Time to Express]
    Alex Smoke – Dust (Tessela remix) [R+S]
    Ingen – Those Who Know, Know [Tribal Waves Recordings]
    Steel Grooves – Funk Monk (Andrei Morant remix) [Sonic Convergence]
    Uexkull – all rac [Brutalist Sunset]
    Versalife – Electrostatic Discharge [Clone West Coast Series]
    South London Ordnance + Femme En Fourrure – Obsidian [Aery Metals]
    Robert Pain – Mozda umres [Black Queen]
    Charlton – Hypersalivation [MORD]
    Savagen – Dirty Mother [dub]
    Gheists – Unja Stair (Corvx de Timor remix) [Gheists]
    Tokee – PA (Free Masonry mix By Frontier Guards) [CRL Studios]
    Mika Vainio – Scale [Blast First Petite]

    Surgeon – Dark Matter [Dynamic Tension]
    Go Hiyama – LecorW [HueHelix]
    Go Hiyama – Common Blank (OM remix 2nd Edit) [Warm Up]
    Thomas Hessler – Outburst [Graphene]
    Sleeparchive – Papercup [Sleeparchive]
    Go Hiyama – Defector (loop) [HueHelix]
    Adriana Lopez – Preface [Grey Report]
    Pfilter – Universe [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
    Shifted – Bloodless [Mote Evolver]
    Phase – Drive (Phase remix) [Music Man]
    Radial – Asial [MORD]
    Sleeparchive – 3 [Tresor]
    Go Hiyama – untitled [dub]
    Takaaki Itoh – Slicer (Sleeparchive remix [Wols]
    Phase – Binary Opposition [Token]
    Planetary Assault System – Thwack [Mote Evolver]
    Ken Ishii – Extra (Luke Slater remix) [R+S]
    Shifted – Sector D [Avian]
    Inigo Kennedy – Collector [Token]
    Oscar Mulero – Disinformation (Developer remix) [Warm Up]
    Makaton – Goatbone (Regis + Female remix) [Rodz Konez]

    Fresh from our RTE 2FM takeover cover show for Sunil Sharpe (featuring a ridiculously good Casual Violence session and the first interview with Death Abyss) we keep things in the sphere of heavy edged techno thud but travel to Japan to draft in a session from Tokyo’s Go Hiyama.

    Tokyo, Japan has quite the love affair with techno. They worship Jeff Mills and welcome with open arms some of the worlds best practitioners and pushers of the sound. Not to mention Dommune. Yet they also have their homegrown talent – one such ambassador for Japanese techno is Go Hiyama.

    His production work is championed by Bas Mooy, Oscar Mulero, Token, Perc Trax, and Paul Boex amongst others – whilst being supported by just about any decent DJ you care to name pushing the harder, tougher stuff. HueHelix, his current label project, continues to release some fine and fierce techno – their latest Tomohiko Sagae’s Sleep Deprivation EP is frankly. Dangerous.

    His exclusive Mantis Radio session promises to be a captivating thunder thud workout.

    Elsewhere in the show I’ve new music from Mika Vainio, Ancient Methods, dBridge, Charlton, Robert Pain, Alex Smoke, Samuel Kerridge, Ingen, Factory Floor, Savagen, South London Ordnance and more.

    Mantis Radio (archives) / iTunes / Podcast

  • Mantis Radio 137 + Israel Vines

    Si Begg – Land of Hope [Addictech]
    Uschi-No-Michi – Ameratsu (Adrian Carter Vocal Edit) [Uschi-No-Michi]
    Ben Bix – Trying To Act Poetically [Psychonavigation]
    Simplicity is Beauty – Deep Thought Mind Implosion [dub]
    Emptyset – Function – Vulgar Display of Power (Roly Porter Variation) [Subtext]
    Daniel Bjarnason – Emergence I. Silence [Bedroom Community]
    Greg Gow + Gareth Whitehead – Vacant (Silent Servant remix) [EPM]
    Interplanetary Prophets – Burning Chrome [Planet Mu]
    Concrete Fence – Caulk [PAN]
    Inofaith – Reticent [Mindtrick Records]
    Ajtim – Fay [Ensydaen Records]
    Wire – Rail [MORD]
    Etapp Kyle – Drama [Klockworks]
    Plaster – Reflex In The Gloom [Touchin' Bass]
    Qoso – Crossroads [In Paradisum]
    Rory St John – Astroakoustic One [Acroplane]
    Royal T – I Know You Want Me [Rinse]
    Gantz – Lyrical Trick [Innamind Recordings]

    Deathprod – Dead People’s Things [Rune Grammofon]
    Robert Henke – Layer 009 [Imbalance Computer Music]
    TM404 – 303 303 303 303 [Kontra-Musik]
    Zeitgeber – Body Out [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
    Melvins – Shevil [Atlantic]
    Throbbing Gristle – Still Talking [Industrial Records]
    David Yow – Lawrence Of A Labia [Joyful Noise Recordings]
    Lee Gamble – Kuang Shaped Prowla [PAN]
    Thomas Köner – 41° 24′ N 2° 10′ E Hour Twelve [Fario]
    Monolake – Observatory [Imbalance Computer Music]
    Hunting Lodge – Sounds Like A Picture [S/M Operations]
    Mordant Music – The Tower (Empty Fortress) [Mordant Music]
    Demdike Stare – Violetta [Modern Love]
    Miles – Archaic Thought Pattern [Modern Love]
    Om – Cremation Ghat II [Drag City]
    Throbbing Gristle – Persuasion [Industrial Records]
    Einstürzende Neubauten – Schwarz [Zickzack]

    On tonight’s show we head state-side to LA to present a session from Israel Vines.

    Label owner of Borrowed Language, DJ and a rising talent in the studio – Vines is currently based in Los Angeles but hails from Michigan where like many who lived in the state home to Detroit, discovered techno through the sounds of the Belleville Three and Underground Resistance. Suitably impressed it wasn’t long after becoming enraptured by these sounds that Vines started DJing and would later be instrumental in the Lansing Real-ism event – hosting the sounds of Jay Denham, Robert Hood and Dan Bell.

    Stave - Tower9 (Israel Vines remix)

    Like his contemporaries Surgeon and Rob Hall, Vines approach to DJing is diverse and cohesive – incorporating classics of house and techno with dubstep rhythms and bassweight. His Borrowed Language label reflects this open-minded aesthetic too – with the releases bridging between fractured technoid thud, heavy sub and dark room mechanics – proper Darkfloor vibes.

    Several of his ‘techno’ sets are available online to stream – his session for us tonight, some different again with what Vines describes as “an odd one…“. Expect dark ambient, abstract electronica textures.

    Jeff Pietro & Israel Vines - Disintegrate EP


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