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  • NuBreed Electro Radio is live with Dj Skeme every Thursday night beginning @ 10PM Eastern. (US) 3am GMT. Also podcast Updated with new shows weekly (Mondays) on soundcloud @ http://soundcloud.com/skeme My sets can also be heard here on the Electo podcast radar
    Latest show:[SC]http://soundcloud.com/skeme[/SC]

    NuBreed Radio w/Dj Skeme is one of the first shows broadcasted live in US time zones on GFR, My goal is to try to keep you up to date with the newest & freshest Electro releases from around the world as well as old favorites. Also including other styles of electronic music & underground Hip-Hop now and then. I also do Artist/Label showcase mixes, themed mixes, Old School mixes and Guest mixes :borg:


    My Podcast Feeds:

    In this thread U can find all my past shows, Downloads, including full tracklists & info's

    Thanks 4 tuning.

  • so most of the old links in this thread are dead. I currently dont have file hosting to store my entire 3 or 4 years of podcasts. You can always stay up to date with the latest NuBreed Radio shows @ http://www.soundcloud.com/skeme. & please post a comment if you would like me to re-new a link for you.

    Here I will Build a key to take you to posts that contain VALID links available for download or streaming.

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    Links in BLUE = contain posts with mixcloud links only available to stream

    Quick Links:
    April 1 2010
    September 16 2010
    December 16 2010 w/ Robodrum Showcase mix
    December 23 2010 w/ Reeno Showcase mix
    February 3 2011 w/ DJ R21 Showcase mix
    May 5 2011
    May 12 2011
    May 19 2011
    May 26 2011
    June 2 2011
    June 16 2011

    & please note that this guide is set up strictly to help you find valid links in OLD POSTS you can always find NEW SHOWS posted at the end of this thread :)

  • April 1st download.
    {Temp Sendspace Link}


    Show Summary:

    RED tracklist 4 mixcloud

    Binalog Freq. - Transmission
    Intro New Mix prerecorded on march 23rd.

    1. MANASYt – Syringe Binge
    2. Silicon Scally –
    3. Dr.Schmidt - Brave New World
    4. Unborn – The Man cant Know the Future
    5. Gods of Technology – Being Sound Mind
    6. Clone Theory – Ground Assault
    7. N-Ter – Questions ( DBS Remix)
    8. C – Theory – Stereoselective Synthesis
    9. Bitstream – Anno Domini
    10. Sync 24 – Solvent Abuse
    11. Electronic Confession – Time Morphs
    12. Middle Men – Defeat the Object
    13. Kalson – Like You
    14. Lektroid – Modular
    =80 Min.

    Binalog Freq. Transmission (Bodypoppers Unite B-Boy Version)
    Computor Rockers – Computor Shock
    Binalog Freq. - Stealth
    Mariel Ito - My Modulation
    DJR21- Atomic Breakdown
    Mystery Man - Elektro Fog
    Ran D_Automatic
    Ippon Redux (Boris Divider RMX)
    Luke Eargoggle - I Belong to The Past

  • Updates:So the podcast is officially up on the GFR homepage.

    Download here:

    Show Summary: tonight I decided to play some older tracks to keep it fresh. whole 2 hrs is mixed live & on the fly. tracklist as follows.

    Intro - GFR
    Exzakt - Dark Mind (Boris Divider Remix) - Monotone
    AS1 - This Is How -
    Morphogenetic - Reprogram Reality - FBI
    Volsoc - Compuphonic Intelligence - World Electric
    Bass Junkie – Deep Bass Matrix - Touchin' Bass
    BFX - Alone (Exzakt's In Deep Bass Mix)
    Dynamix II - Ignition Remix - Freakin USA
    Hac[k] The Tab - Is Bac[k] - [k]rack-troni[k]
    Sero - Megamaid (Bass Junkie's Megabass Remix) - XoX
    Metaminds - From the Outside Looking In
    Freewheelin Franklin - Punk FM - Bolshi Records
    Kalson - Waiting In The Valley - Dominance Electricity
    Kalson - East Universe - NoiZe Electro Hub
    Koova - Planetary Gearing System - Robodisco
    Silicon Scally - Process - Cultivated Electronics
    Faceless Mind – White Display - Copilote
    kragg-rocket - Transient Force
    I-F – Torment - Disko B (2010 repress)
    AS1 - .megaton - Transient Force
    Boris Divider - Digital Mind - Satamile
    Radarsat-1 - Ascending Synthesis - Bass 4 Bots
    Middle Men - What On Earth? - Satamile
    AS1 - random_electronics - Transient Force
    Lowfish - Krak - Satamile
    Mr. Velcro Fastener - 1st of remember - Electrix
    Tech Itch - Know - Ascension

  • Show Summary.
    This week I played some upcoming tracks from Robodrum, Binalog Freq off the Alavux EP out May 3rd & finally a track from Solartron off the EP Destroy the planet out april 30th. To finish up I decided to mix up a number of tracks from DBS & Paul Blackford back to back.

    NOTE: this week I was having some problems with Audacity. The line in volume kept lowering on me. I had to keep turning it back up, every time I checked the vol. was lowered 3 notches. The fader would physically move on its own it was quite odd. This was only a problem with audacity the live show was fine. Following the show I worked on normalizing the volume but due to it being a 2hr mp3 I missed a couple spots. So every once in a while the volume will fall for a couple & raise back. Its not that bad but I’m going to do some more work on it & have a new link up as soon as I can.

    Evil Hectorr Featuring Supreme.ja - Bass Wars (Original Version)
    Alavux - Generation 1980 (Binalog's Funkin' In Space remix) - Binalog Productions
    Koova - Timewaster
    Artificial Arm - Go Back In Time
    Pixelated Vision - Oxygen Bank (I think)(from Star Gazing LP)
    Binalog Freq - Transmission (Intergalactic B-Boy version)
    MANASYt - Nurolektor - Wirelust LP
    Alpha 606 - Rise Of Human Being
    Sync 24 - Mario's Mushroom - Cultivated Electronics
    electromonter aka robodrum - amplituden modulation
    Middle Men - Unseen Beings
    Solartron - Destroy the planet - Subcircuit Records.
    electromonter aka robodrum - last level life
    Dynamik Bass System - Innovator - The Mighty Machine
    Dynamik Bass System - Get With It (Extended Mix)
    Dynamik Bass System - Robotmachine
    Dynamik_Bass_System - The_Mighty_Megamix (Album_Medley)
    Paul Blackford - Fist Of The North Star - WéMè Records
    Paul Blackford - Quasar (Sol_Dat Remix)
    Paul Blackford - Latitude (UK Bass Mix)
    Paul Blackford - Bass Gun
    Paul Blackford - The Tower Of Babel (UK Bass Mix)
    clip from new mix :
    Paul Blackford - Simple Tings
    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead

    Download @: http://feeds.feedburner.com/skeme

  • Show Summary:
    April 29 2010
    Alavux - Generation 1980 (George Tsakiris' Bootycall version)
    Newcleus - Programmed 4 L.O.V.E.
    Prototype - Stimme Der Energie
    DJ Overdose - Whoever You Are
    The Audiosonic Crew - Cosmic Electronic
    Keen K - Nozomi
    james pants - cosmic rapp (egyptian_lover_remix)
    Rodney O - Your Chance To Rock
    Professor X - Rekonstruktx
    Invisible Rockers Crew - Electro Empire
    Professor X - Statix

    Solartron - Dance with the enemy
    Paul Blackford - Simple Tings
    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead
    Computor Rockers – Computor Shock
    Luke Eargoggle - Worship Services
    Faceless Mind - Visions Fade Away
    Drexciya - Digital Tsunami

    Rising Sun / Game Player (John Selway Remix)
    Freewheelin Franklin - Tribute To Schoolly
    DJE - Defiler - Dominance Electricity
    Espion - Petrol Bomb The Fuckers
    Johnny Dangerously - Zito
    C Theory - Exotoxin
    Music Is The Drug (Uprock's Keyser Soze Mix)
    Alpha 606 - Domino
    Ghosts In The Machine - Merciless Killing Machines
    Boris Divider - Soul Of My World
    Download @ http://feeds.feedburner.com/skeme

  • Quote from skeme;38083

    :D Glad to play them Evangelos :blaster: :wow:

    ^ hell yea the solatron tracks are dope. :wow: the mp3s i got are distorted tho :( gamma child so your solartron or its your label, subcircuit?

    those smileys there with the eyes that pop out, stare at them a bit there funny as hell. :uglylol:

    No, I am GAMMACHILD and SUBCIRCUIT is my label, Solartron is an artist under the label.. I must have burned the mp3's too hot.. Sorry homie ::) But thx for bumping them in the last couple shows.. PZz

  • Show Summary:
    May 6 2010
    Cha-os - Records, Turntables (Vocal Version) - Cut It Up Def v2.0
    BINALOG_FREQ_Invincible (I Won Again )
    Faceless Mind - Timeless Message - Copilote04
    Debonaire - Micro Drumulator
    Debonaire - Watch Me Now
    Tricky D - Take It To The Max (Scratch D Of Dynamix II Remix)
    Motorobot - Android Spectre
    Bass Junkie - Sub-Mission (Control The Bass) - Battle Trax
    Alavux - Generation 1980 (Binalog's Fightin' In Space remix)
    Sbassship - Fall - Dominance Electricity
    Rob Real - Voices in the House - BFP
    Rob Real - Time Traveler - Street Sounds
    Rob Real - Eraser.mp3
    Cryotron - Destroy Zion (Rob Real Reload) Nu Illusion Music
    Anthony Nuzzo - Human Genocide
    Cryotron - Obliteration
    Cryotron - Tranzformer Wars (Cryotron Original) - Nu Illusion
    Darxid - Upgrade (RobReal's Destroyer Mix)
    Cryotron - Obey My Master (Mekanizm & Urban J Remix)
    Rob Real - Not Human Nor Cyborg
    Sir Real feat. Zoran (3) - Everything Fucks Up - [k]rack-troni[k]
    Volsoc - Easy Edit - Spacebar Sentiments
    Oliver Dodd - Feels Like - Xylophone Jones Recordings
    Lowfish - Burn The Lights Out - Satamile Records

    Download @ http://feeds.feedburner.com/skeme

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